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how would you train dog in this situation?

Question by ♥shelter puppies rule♥: how would you train dog in this situation?

my border collie mix (still a puppy 5months) does what border collies do, the herding thing. But he tries to herd my other puppy and i try to stop it especially so i can walk them both together.

how would you stop it when it happens? He grabs her neck and wont respond to anything i do, i just pull him off. He’ll do this to any other dog too so i want to stop it to take them to dog parks again also.

I do give him other “jobs” disc catching.

but how would you train him not to do this? when it happens, what should i do? I practice a lot of “look at me” commands but when he does this even holding a treat under his nose didnt get him to stop.

please dont just suggest “get more obedience training” I know thats an option, but trainers are over $ 100 and i wanted to try to solve this on my own. Thank you.
they get 2hrs of walks a day at least. I started walking them each alone because they cant walk together without him doing that. I cant find any triggers, theyll be walking fine, then he just goes for her neck. He does this indoors now since I dont walk them together.
btw, when i pull him off, he snarls in my arms for a few minutes and i hold him or if i let go he’ll go right back to the throat

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Answer by dmg1969
I didn’t think that border collies “herded” by grabbing the neck of whatever they are herding. Are you sure it’s not aggression? Regardless…I would try walking them together. As soon as he does it…I would stop and muzzle him. I would do that each and every time until he learns that when he does it…he gets muzzled.

Edit: I just read your add-on about him snarling. That is not herding…that is aggression IMHO.

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  • Teach him “leave it”

    *start with leaving a treat on the floor
    *walk him past on a leash so he will want to reach close to check it out. (have a treat secretly hiding in your hand)
    *ignore his interest and keep walking saying “leave it” and give a slight tug to let him know to continue following you.
    * The slight tug will turn his head towards you, immediately say “GOOD BOY!” and reward him with the treat in your hand.
    *Do this until you don’t need the tug.
    *Use the same method when he tries to herd your puppy

    Don’t hold your dog back from going for the puppy, this does not mean ALLOW the dog to attack him. What I mean is you need to step in as the authoritive figure and take control, not pull him away and hold him back. If you hold a dog while they are fighting against you are not stopping the mind set of attacking the puppy, they feel like you are backing them up and actually become more aggressive.

    Step in-between the dogs and assertively tell your dog to “leave it” or “go lie down”
    If your dog is aggressive enough to go for you don’t get in-between them and find a trainer before your puppy needs stitches.

  • Put in a request to the dog whisperer, maybe he can help.

  • This has nothing to do with herding and everything to do with being a puppy and some dominant behavior that is starting to show. Of course he does not listen to you when you are holding the treat, he is more interested in what he wants and finds more tempting, I have said this a million times in the past when people talk about “only positive” training without any physical corrections..
    Your dog does need more obedience, but, you can do that yourself for free. Put him on a prong collar and correct him decisively each and every time he shows that behavior. Praise correct behavior when he shows it and punish the wrong ones!! Good luck!

    ADD: Just saw the snarl, not herding behavior at all and now he is challenging you too for pulling him off the other dog.
    Most definately put him on a prong and DEMAND obedience to your command, not ask, not negotiate. Forget the muzzles and all that, just correct hard when he acts stupid.
    You need to nip this in the bud now that he is young, before it gets out of hand!

  • I think it could be a dominance issue. Your dog has to see you as the alpha and when he doesn’t, that can mean trouble.

    What my dad does when dog’s being naughty, is he grips him between the shoulder blades and stares him in the eye until the dog backs down. Also, when the pup gets neutered if he hasn’t already, a lot of that behavior can subside. Good luck!

  • When he goes to to that pop him not heard tell him no and put him in a room by him self for 5-10 min. Obedience is a big thing you have to show the animal who’s boss!!!

  • Love the picture. Watch the dog whisperer, I really can’t believe how many tips I pick up in a half hour. Just the way he corrects a dog and teaches the owners to behave are an eye opener. Fix this quickly so it doesn’t escalate. Good luck, I know you’ll be okay because you are working towards this the right way.

  • If you have a dog snarling at you for whatever reason you really do need the assistance of a professional trainer. This isn’t something that should be diagnosed, illustrated or advice given via Y!A.

    Edit: Re-read Greekman’s advice… then re-read it again!!!!

  • You already know the answer – going to an good obedience class does not cost over $ 100 and obviously you can’t solve this on your own without being trained to be able to properly train the dog. You can listen to all the other garbage, probably a few of those ‘dog whisperer’ fanatics but when it comes down to it, you know what you need so just do it.

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