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Hunting Dog Training (Pre-Training Part 1)

style=”float:left;margin:5px;”> Spend your first part of 4 pre-assembled training of our 4 month old Labrador Retriever Hunting Dog ‘Sam’, after 6 months we start our weekly Hunting Dog training videos. For a FREE eBook please visit and for all things Hunting Dog, check in at our blog For regular updates, like us – Follow us – @ BestGunDog Video Rating: 4/5

This is a cool Dogmatics Dog Training Tip on how to get your dog to learn to be beside you walk on a loose line. If you are consistent with this behavior, you can actually make pressure on the leash a CUE for the dog to back up and they learn to walk on a loose leash as standard. = —- Teaching a dog to back up in heel position on walks is useful for many reasons. 1 – If you have more than one dog on a walk sometimes it can be difficult to turn around and go the other way if both dogs are for you. Teaching them to back into the heel position allows you to move freely 2 – If your dog that when he was at the end of the line is the only way he can move forward again is a backup reaches , he begins consciously avoiding hitting the end of the belt. This means-No more pulling on the leash. 3 – This is a great impulse control exercised on the basis of the Premack Principle. To move forward you must first move backwards. —- Loose leash obedience without force how to train a dog without using punishment clicker training dog walking in the heel how to get back up to the line How do you train a puppy running beside you. Advanced tip dog lovers

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  • We sometimes use that technique for assistance dogs.

  • thanks for the pet uploads – I like your taste

  • These videos are excellent!

  • Excellent start Richard, look forward to the rest. I have a lab puppy at this stage not very enthusiastic about getting …. which I hope is not going to be a problem (oh lord have got the Labrador not be found!) Got .. .. I know, slowly, slowly catchy monkey …. or pheasant in this case.

  • Hi, Glad you enjoyed the video, I will pre workout 2 and 3 have hopefully very binnenkortthanks Richard

  • I just can not wait for a new video … My lab puppy is 4.5 months old … Here, I see great tips …. just keep up the good work!

  • I just want to say how great your videos are. I wish I had known about them six years ago when I was Sally, my mini Aussie. But we now also Bob, a 3 month old lab, which greatly benefit your werk.Je doing good work and I wish you all the best. – Vicky

  • you could use a pen to the clicking sound. Or a bottle cap even. But a clicker so not much cost …

  • Emily, you have a tutorial to learn “not to pick up food from the ground or from strangers hands”, “cats and other animals to ignore” and “obedience at a distance”

  • very cool!

  • Excellent. I have two dogs and my labrador is really good in inclined and did it back thing without being asked. Will now teach her the `back` cue and accordingly reward her! Collie return on cue, but goes straight forward again. My son is dyslexic and very creative. They often go together. You are living proof!

  • I really like how you interact with dogs, it looks so smooth and natural. I get my own puppy in two months, and I’m totally going to teach her with your methods, I have had problems with the training of other dogs, because I did not know how to teach them right. Now thanks to you I will not be frustrated and dogs will also learn: —)

  • My Patterdale Terrier took this method immediately! thank you

  • I love your videos! I really enjoy training my dogs now have a coach to help me do 🙂 thank you for all your help.

  • I love ur vids and they work soo good!

  • I love your techniques .. RespeX!

  • Get your dog to get back up ang try again. finally, a little dog thinks you’re crazy and thinks he or she needs to stay with you at all times.

  • Instead of backing up my dog ​​turned on his back and kind of rolled. Anyone have an idea?

  • Kikopup, thank you for generously sharing so much of your training. I studied so many different schools of training methods tried with little success. I find your work really works! Your ideas are so creative, simple and human. One of your positive reinforcement video helped my stubborn German Shepherd to overcome his fear of getting in my car. Now he would die for a ride. Big thanks!

  • Thank you very much for the nice video .. I watched all your videos a few times and helps me a lot to train my puppy.

  • I tried it with my fit athletic male rottie he responded to a backup well is impressive thanks handy tip

  • Oh shit, I forgot, comment and subscribe. Oh .. I’ve commented it ..

  • try to teach my french mastiff this. that dog looks very good opgeleid.Al these videos dont show untrained dogs. proper.

  • 99Jshort: Just work on the behavior more. After running into him without the treat, add a cue to say “back up” and walk to him, so he backed up. Try saying backup without running into him and if he does yay if he does not try to run into him again 🙂

  • How do I get my dog ​​to back me up when the dog is facing me and I’m still standing … so they back up only on cue and I’m still …

  • I learned my lab this cue success, but since the last few days I noticed that he was a backup on the cue and starts to walk forward without my cue. He just assumed that if he does what I ask, he can immediately do what he wants. How can I break it? I noticed how Splash guard what you say after a backup to 1:56. How do I get my buddy to do that? Please help!

  • I love your videos. I think they are some of the best on youtube for dog training. You speak clearly, you demonstrate everything clearly, and show you the right way to train the dog. Thank you.

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  • Many TKS

  • @ Rizkhandagr8: repeitiously say the verbal cue while doing the hand movements, so the dog will get used to hearing the same thing every time. .. Yes it takes time, patience, and the ability to step back or two.

  • I will teach my dog ​​and see how it gaat.Ik have trouble making the dog do on my circle Tuen command. When I treat, she does fine, even without treatment she does pretty well, but I have to do the circular motion and she follows my hand to circle. If I only say TURN not draaien.Ik taught her jump, touch, down, sit command, but in turn command is probleem.Ik have problems with COME command. Any tips will be gewaardeerd.Dank

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