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Huskie-Border Collie Mix and Cat issues?

Question by Shortie_13: Huskie-Border Collie Mix and Cat issues?

Ok I am adopting a 9 month old Husky/Border Collie Mix named Meeka!

here is the link to the dog

I have a cat, who is about 4-6 yrs old, she hates people she does not know, and dosn’t like ANY animals…You dont see the cat much becasue she isnt very social. I also have a 5 month old eskimo spitz puppy. Is it at all possible to train “Meeka” the husky-bordie collie mix to leave the cat alone and not kill it?!
Please help, please be respectful and dont be rude within your feedback!

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Answer by pastelsrpretty
It depends on the dog. Every dog is different even within the breed type. Of course you realize there may be some issues the best you can do is try to work with both pets on getting along. Husky’s and border collie’s are high energy dogs. Spitz is also. Both these dogs are young and need plenty of “work” and training to keep them occupied so they don’t get bored.

I think you may have more problems with the cat that isn’t socialized.

I didn’t click on the link.

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  • Hi Brittany,

    In my personal experience a siberian husky that hasn’t grown up around cats is not the best choice. You might want to ask the foster home if the dog has been around cats. They can be very loving if raised with cats but I personally would not take the risk. On the rescue site it says that she displays the husky tendencies. They have a lot of energy and will completely take advantage of you if you are not 100% persistent with your training regimen.

    Good luck

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