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I adopted my dog ​​late January of the Animal Rescue Foundation …?

Question Paige S : I adopted my dog ​​late January the Animal Rescue Foundation … ? I adopted a three-year rat terrior / chihuahua in January. I love her to death and for most, it is a “good dog”. The thing is, I am 5 months pregnant and my dog ​​will jump on my belly, climb on my face when I sleep, or lay on my stomach or chest (which I do not mind). I was wondering if it is too late to get his training before the baby comes or is it too old! It does not include orders, and I have no idea what she went through before I was adopted. I potty training, but I do not want her jumping on my baby or put it on my face babys, when he returns. Is it too late to get his training? Is what I can do myself? And if it’s not too late to get his training, I should get “the basic dog training” or should I look for when I’m looking for a trainer? MerciMeilleure response:

Answer by Ashley
definitely you should get the dog training base.Comme in the house, I would get her a little soft bed she feel safe in case of need you can point to the bed and say, ‘Go throw on your bed “and it will go. thats.Mais say his stay and the basic commands are the basis for all types of training.

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  • Get him down. You can watch It’s me or the dog on Youtube.Petco and Petsmart offer courses in basic obedience as well. To do this, you really do not need anything special, only $ 100 or more.

  • If you hurry you might still be able to train your dog. I would try to find a professional dog trainer near you, by looking online or asking around people you can even try now.You training itself, but could be a lot of work.

  • No, it’s not too late. And yes, you should start with the basics. And quickly. You have only 4 months!

  • There are baby gates for dogs. Some rooms may be out of bounds. My dogs are raised in their kitchen. I’m here to let them out more with laundry, dishes and cooking, I’m in there a good deal. They are guests in the lounge for a nap or watch TV after dinner. Dogs do not have to be like Velcro. They can play with toys and a little quiet time. Pregnant I used to nap in the afternoon, without dogs.

  • Your dog is not too old to be trained. Looks like she needs a basic obedience training. You should be able to find a coach in your area to work with you and your dog. Some pet stores like Petco and Petsmart have trainers on staff who periodically conduct group training on a weekly basis and it is not expensive. If you do not have time to attend training courses with your dog, you might be able to train him yourself. Many books have been written on the basic training that are easy to follow. “Training Dog Friendly” by Andrea Arden is one I use. In addition, your vet can probably recommend someone who can work with you and your dog to your home. Good luck!

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