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I am looking to have a website created for my small business – more questions …?

Question My BFF is a Pitador !? I am looking to have a website created for my small business – more questions … I wish I had a website created for my pet sitting / dog training business. I wish I had an area of ​​Q & A for paying clients to reference when they have problems with their pet. I want them to sign this section of my site, so that only paying customers can see. But the rest of the site, anyone can see. How can this be accomplished? I also want to do it so that nobody can copy or save pictures or typed information. Is this possible? I also have a calendar on the site with my group classes available and have them be able to register for a specific class (date / time) online by clicking the date / time. Is this possible? I also want to be able to send bulk emails (spam, if you will) regarding upcoming events for my clients. I’ve never done this before either and I’m curious to see how it fait.Aussi, is it legal to post links to other sites? I would be able to post links as a way to show my customers that some of the products I recommend are and how acheter.Est it possible that I can get my website to find if someone googles of things such as “pet sitting” or “dog training” or one of my other services in my area? Is there something else I should know before hiring someone to create this site? Y Does a company that is highly recommended for this? Best vœux.Meilleure response: Answer

by Troy F
any image can be enregistrée.pas linearly but you know the SysRq button on most keyboards? it takes a screenshot of whatever screen the images are affiche.toutes vulnérableset you need to keep the text on the site because research by google relevance through words clés.Si you create all the text on your site in a manner that is as an image or something that prohibits a person to copy / paste, there are programs that recognize the text visuellementde so if you want your website as a whole CAPTCHAvous basically have to keep the source avaliable

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  • Well, there is a special script that prevents right mouse button click required to record images or text, however, how people really want the image and know something about HTML and the browser can copy your photos veulent.Si if you need to create register functionality in your site, you need to consider back-end coding that makes the total cost of the site higher. The same with the scattering function in vrac.Affichage link to other sites is not illegal, and even conducive to these sites in terms of SEO, but it can be bad for your SEO, unless you use the rel = “nofollow” in the link code. You better Google for “SEO”, because I think you do not get what I want dire.Personnellement, I have my website designed by this company and can recommend these guys. They can advise you on any matter concerning the design of your website. And they also offer free lifetime warranty and technical support for their customers.

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