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I feel like this is wrong. . . advice?

Question deleted : I feel like this is wrong. . . advice? My roommate has a pug that he bought on impulse from a pet store in the center commercial.Il did not really have much experience in the care or training of dogs. He had grown up, but took no part in their charge, so in my mind that is like giving a puppy to an 8 year old child and saying “here you go! Take care of it” The dog has no manners and is very active due to lack of exercise. I think the dog has a terrible life. My roommate leaves for work at about 6:00 AM. During this time he is screaming and yelling at his dog. He swears at her and screams when the dog jumps or under his feet as he prepares for work. The dog gets a walk precipitated 5 minutes during which he is yelling at him saying “I do not have time for that! Hurry up!” & Then the dog is put in his cage for the rest of the day until about 4:00 when he goes home to prepare for his second emploi.Il can take the dog for another walk & then precipitated leave in the box again until he got home at 11:30 at night. That was until the rest of us in the house convinced him to take his dog to his second work with him because they allow their employees to the dogs as long as they are held in laisse.Il looked okay. But we found that most of the time it is the dog is in another fund. & You might think of weekend when he had free time, he took his dog for a nice walk and go time with him. But it does not work. He is selfish and owns a dog horrible. He spends little or no time to socialize the dog or playing with lui.Je do not really need to say it’s not fair. It’s pretty obvious. We try to talk to him about it and tell him that the dog needs more attention and exercise and training, but he finally gets defensive and does nothing to sujet.Le dog is about 2 years and still has accidents in the house. Partly because its only “training” is to cry when he does something “bad” and also because the poor spend 10 hours in a caisse.J + ‘tried to take care of him the dog during the day but it is difficult to keep up. I was picking dog shit on the floor about 3 times a day and it was destroyed home. It irritates the two other dogs and sends them all in a frenzy run around the house. Every time I go to teach him the ways and commands is lost because the current owner does not take up with elle.Je am at my wits end. Some days I feel like posting adds Petfinder & find him a new home, while he is at travail.Que would you do in my situation? I appreciate the thoughts. Merci.En reference we discuss it with the roommate, we went in that direction a few times. He became very angry and defensive. I must add that it is not the nicest person at a time. We told him repeatedly “it’s probably a good idea for the dog to get out more. It might help him behave better and have fewer accidents” Even when we take care of his dog, it is very uncomfortable when asked about the problems he is having a barely pronounce & “thank you” It is quite difficult because he does not think he did something mal.Nous have two other dogs really well behaved and beloved in our house. He makes a point of attack behavior of these dogs when we elevate his own dog by saying “well your dog does” It’s very immature. It will not accept what we disons.Meilleure response: Answer

by Sallyanne RIP Since your roommate
owns the dog, there is not really much you can do to force him either to cure or get rid of his dog, short of threatening to turn / exit.

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  • Tell your roommate, if he takes no responsibility for the dog, you dog a new home and to report to the ASPCA / RSPCA / SSPCA depending on where you live.

  • You must tell your roommate he will have to address this issue or you will be forced to call the RSPCA.

  • Unfortunately, it will most likely illegal for you to advertise this chien.Personnellement, I report the dog wardens, RSPCA etc, as the owner is cruel and mistreat this dog. They may be able to take over ownership of the dog, and repatriate it to a family who wants réellement.Aussi, try to ask the owner if you can retrieve the dog. Make sure to find a nice home for her!

  • yes it is very wrong, I used to leave my dog ​​at home and i fellt 9:00-3:30 horible! its good at least, he needs to work!

  • I want to do the roommate sit and talk, and not take no for an answer.

  • I would do exactly that, the poor find a home where he will receive appropriate attention and care! You are his only hope for a decent life. Otherwise it will get rid of him thereafter, but by then nobody else will want it and it will begin to sleep! PLEASE help this poor dog!

  • There is not much you can do terrible. The only potentially legal way to get the dog away from him is to document the time the dog is in the box and see if you can get the dog that is granted on the basis of négligence.À least I will try to get the dog as much exercise as possible. It will probably help with all reste.Avez you tried talking to him and just say “let me help you”? If it does not work, there is always the option to follow it up and saying ” oops, sorry, I missed it. ” It’s not right, but what you say living conditions of the dog are not good either. Looks like he had put me in pretty quickly and I prefer that to piss off the owner let the dog suffer.

  • I would assume care for the dog myself.

  • It is the neglect of animaux.Le dog is crated too, untrained and poorly aimé.Votre roommate should not have a dog chien.Le must be placed in a loving home, where he won the love and attention it deserves.

  • Tell your roommate if he did not take better care of his dog, you will find a new home for HIM (the roommate). If you care about the dog, train yourself. Are two other dogs in the house on hand, too? Why not babygate the kitchen or another room easy to clean and allow dogs to socialize with each other?

  • Ask him to do something and contact RSPCA if he does not. Leaving the dog in a crate is not a problem, but this dog is probably desperate for more exercise. Give him walk every day, and build long until it starts to make very long walks. Any training you do, if done correctly should always stick with him, he may well choose not to obey his owner, but it should continue to obey you. With regard to your own dogs, keep the newcomer in a box and let them sniff around, then leave it on a lead and keep your dogs loose. Finally, it will calm down, or be grunted at least until he does.

  • Go through these sites and choose a few that apply to your rm. Let him know the proper way to care for a puppy.% 20care% 20of% 20a% 20puppy% ? p = proper 20care% 20of% 20a%% 20puppy 20pug

  • This is so sad and it really breaks my heart to think of an animal having to live like that. I would say the roommate, he took charge of either the dog or you will give him in exchange for negligence. I would not put it out, because then the poor dog will be treated even worse. I would not get off his back until things get better for the puppy or the puppy is re-homed with a loving family.

  • Report to the organization cruelty to animals in your area. Tell them to pick the chien.Il is tempting to just give the dog away yourself, but it is best to do it the legal way.

  • not good! not good at all! show your co-tenant of that! or maybe put it in print on an envelope, put a stamp on it and send it to him without address.maybe return, he will wake him up?! The poor dog does not deserve this. Your roommate must Learna lesson here. This happens all too often.theyre cute and cuddly in the pet window.then you take them home and work begins.its quite like having a child. R-E-S-P-O-N-S-I-B-I-L-I-T-Y-! if you do not have a problem with it, then turn the whole issue rsponse to your bedroom door roommates. Maybe ***** with a bag of shit! Shit **** maybe a little immature, but suffice ABOUT All these answers are great!!

  • I agree with everyone else is that you should report to it. It is an abuse he did to the poor pug. Imagine what it would feel like inside a box for all these hours! The lack of attention it has received is the reason for its accidents.Vous can call the SPCA, Animal Shelter or even a cop animal.Avez you suggested him to give it up for adoption to a close friend whom he can trust and you can visit to see how it goes incase it lacks?

  • Sit down and talk to him and tell him that what he did for that poor defenseless dog is abuse and there is a law against this sort of thing. Why did he get a dog in the first place if he will not be bothered with him? It sounds like it needs to grow. This poor mistreated puppy should be given to someone who loves and care for him not a baby over growth.

  • Well, although I agree it’s wrong how he treats his dog, the reports will not do anything. Laws as cruelty to animals are introduced, as long as the dog has food, water, receiving medical care, are not retained in the dirt, a shelter, and no sign of physical violence. Then, there is nothing that can be done from the SPCA (if you’re not inthe U.S. this may be different). If you are all on the lease, What I would do is have all the rest of you gang up against him. Come together and work as a team. Let him know you all think the way he treats the dog is bad and you have all agreed that the only way any of you can have a dog in the house if it is properly trained. Say no more accidents or hyper spells will not be tolerated. Explain it either needs to train his dog to meet these requirements or the guys will help him find the dog a new home. That way, if the form, then maybe he can join other dog kennel when their owners at home. You can also offer to walk the dog for a daily charge. This way the dog gets to be a better life or a new famille.Je know he does not think he did something wrong if the purpose of your talk to problematic behaviors such as accidents and not the ownership. If you can not pass through it. I would like to get rid of him and find a better companion chambre.Si a person is on the lease that no one can threaten to deport him unless he shapes up. Sometimes it takes the love of tuf.Si it is the only one on the lease is not what you can do malheureusement.Bonne luck.

  • Either give an ultimatum to put the dog w / someone else, or I’ll move. (I advise you to Pug Rescue) or just go ahead and get out as soon as possible.Malheureusement, I do not see what you can report about animal control, rabies unless the Pug has expired or if you have a flea infestation. But if you have multiple dogs, no way to prove who is at fault, unless it does not apply flea product to her dog (but you do) and there are only chips on his chien.Que What if you secretly recording or video of all his screaming or at least much of the & then had a RESPONSE with other friends and family while saying it must stop! (It cruelty.) Sounds like he’s crazy to himself / job or feels trapped and does it take on the dog. It must provide the dog with obedience training (he himself) and 2x daily exercise – if he wants to possess, heureusement.Peut be an intervention, could show him how he behaves and convince give up the dog, if it is not to change his behavior. Person see / hear it (the dog) is going to want to date him. This is a “preview” of what it would be like as a parent.

  • Wow, you are in a difficult situation because if you care more for the dog, you are essentially sending the message to your roommate that it’s OK for him to ignore the dog. Furthermore, what would happen if the situation were to change their lives, then it would return to the neglected dog nouveau.Vous can not legally get rid of the dog, because it does not belong to you. I see only two things you can do: (1) Its shares are away from their conditions of life for you and your other roommates. If others in the house feel the same as you, maybe you can al agree to give the roommate an ultimatum that if he does not start paying more attention to the dog, including its cleanliness, it will have to move and give him a specific time period to comply. If his name is also on the lease, then tell you all not to renew the lease with him when the time comes. Whatever you decide, be prepared to follow through this property. OR (2) If you or one of the other roommates is willing to take responsibility for the dog, see if it will let you assume the property and it will have no interest in dogs at all. If he agrees, be sure to get it in writing so if something were to happen, it can not come back and say you watching the dog for him while he travaillait.Sinon, I’m not sure there’s something else can be done. Legally, it is not neglecting the dog because it does have food and shelter, and he even takes the dog to his second job with him (even if it is again locked in a box). The law does not specify how long a person has to spend with their dog, etc. I know it’s hard to watch, but sometimes the way laws are written does not really protect they were originally intended to protéger.Bonne luck and I hope the roommate listening to you all and made the right decision.

  • First of all … Kicking your roommate to him and just abuse the dog to another residence will not help the dog at all. Looks like he has mental problems being that needs help. I would try to find the dog a new home … Just tell your roommate that the dog ran away from you when you took during the day and have enfuis.Bonne luck!

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