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I have a dog that follows a script ….. I have the script it is? Question ? I have a dog that follows a script ….. I have the script, it means the dog to sit and have control of the cheese / hot dogs / bread on his paws and nose ….. it to a command throw all these in the air ….. It allows them to land and .. it does on its own ……. We useing a sandwich …. Katchup … Mustard … hot dogs … on a bun …. It takes that into account and away … .. This is something that will be seen on youtube by more than one million people and a more … I trained the dog “you’ve never seen anything like that” to do … If I had a crew Viedo I could do it ……. there is money to be made HOW TO … product placement …….. Just think …. For example, when we took the viedo …… when the dog turns this into the air we would not ….. the first time around things to make, but we send to name brand hot dog, officials mustard, ketchup, and bun that people can see the labels. It. will make money …. $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ Best answer: Answer by

lezahr good

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