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I keep seeing this question over and over again?

Question by Adri Pendleton. aspiring model: I keep seeing this question over and over again?

I posted this earlier, just going to ask again to see what answers I get 🙂

People who have never owned a dog before got stuck with one, because of something that happened with a family/co-worker, etc. and they don’t know what to do.
People are interested in getting a puppy but don’t exactly know what they’re doing.
People want to know the basics for training and housetraining their dog.

I see questions that concern those topics all the time.
Right now I’m in the process of explaining, in detail, to a friend about what he needs to know before he gets a dog. He’s being very responsible and tells me that he wants to make sure he’s done all the research that he needs to do before getting a puppy.
I’m a very experianced dog owner, and haven’t ever had a misbehaved dog. In fact, I’ve even corrected the bad behaviour that my Border Collie had when we adopted her. It took us two weeks, and now she’s socialized and can go to the dog park without any problems (before she would growl/snarl/bite at any dog that came near her).
So anyways, I’m thinking about putting up a free website with all the information that people need about getting their new puppy&housebreaking.
It will include:
A list of needed supplies
What&how often to feed your dog
Vet visits (getting fixed, shots, etc)
Basic training
Crate training
House training
“Jobs” that working breeds like
Walking well on a leash
Dog behaviour (how a dog thinks, why you shouldn’t punish them when they do certain things, etc)

There would also be a forum where people can discuss their success stories, share pictures of their dog(s), or whatever else.

I’m going to be writing all this anyways, so why not spend an extra hour and put it on a free website? All information will be accurate and up-to-date, with all the PROVEN training methods (ex: no rubbing your dogs nose in an accident, no ‘potty pads’, etc)

So I’m wondering what do YOU think? Would it be worth it to have all this up on a website so that I (and other people) can link to it when I come across one of those threads?
Serious answers only, and if you’re going to be rude don’t even bother replying.
Thanks so much!

Best answer:

Answer by Jeanne
I, too, am tired of seeing the same questions asked over & over again here – and I think you’re idea is an EXCELLENT one! Good luck with it – and let us know the site address when you get it up and running. Suggestion: in the feeding section supply the link to

What do you think? Answer below!

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  • I think it is always worth it to have information available.

    Unfortunately lazy and stupid people will still not bother to use it.

    Those folks want the answers AND THE SOLUTIONS handed to them.

    My now six month old Pomeranian puppy came to me after having TWO HOMES in TEN DAYS at age four months. Both people had purchased him and then realized “a puppy is too much work”. and got rid of him after five days. He certainly was not the dog I was planning on getting, but he was the dog that seemed to need me.

    By all means put the information out there. It will be great to have for those that actually put some thought into getting a dog BEFORE they actually get it.

  • LOTS and LOTS of forums already covering exactly those topics.


  • I would say that there are enough of those kind of websites up already, to say that you would put up a free website that would explain these in detail, would be redundant.

    I would work on a pamphlet or something you can distribute locally to shelters and rescues, maybe include a way to contact you for more help via email.

  • Why not?
    If you want to do it go for it. Although having a web-site is also a lot more work than an extra hour. I will say that there are lots and lots of web-sites out there already and you may get lost in the shuffle but again why not?
    I wouldn’t be too upset if you get negative comments here or on your website.
    Not everyone agrees on what is a PROVEN training method nor will they agree on everything that you put on your web site. There are always going to be trolls and or silly people who just like to pull your chain.
    I also get rather bummed when I see questions like “My dog just got ran over by a car, his leg is broken, blood is coming from his eyes and ears, what should I do?”
    And you see them or a variation of them over and over. If you can build a website that would help these people – now that would be something.

  • I think it’s a great idea- I would frequent it a lot because I need all the help I can get.

    FYI- we found my puppy two weeks ago, we weren’t looking for a dog, but he found him in a forest/golf course away from a town/city/community. He was all dirty, covered in tar, famished, covered in cuts and bruises, and scared. He was 12 weeks at the time. What were we suppose to do- leave him there? I don’t think so. Take him to the overpopulated human society that declined to accept him because he wasn’t in city limits? We kept him, and he’s slowly coming around after many trips to the vet, a ton of medication, and lots of love. Yes, I’m clueless in dogs, but I have bought books, we are enrolled in puppy school, and I’m on here asking for advice from experienced dog owners. I don’t think it’s fair to “complain” about us new dog owners without knowing our stories of how we became dog owners and our stories.


  • I think it’s great what you are doing, my only concern is that there are tons of websites out there that offer this information all a person has to do is “google” any one of those items and voila’ a million websites, however, the people who are having these issues with biting, heeling, chewing, housebreaking, care, training and general knowledge are too freaking lazy to google this information themselves that unless it’s posted for them will not do the work required to properly raise a dog from puppy to adulthood.

    It’s sad really, it’s scary raising a dog and they can be so easily screwed up when people don’t socialize properly, don’t expose their puppy to so many situations, they don’t set rules and they don’t train properly, so many dogs are ruined every day by inexperienced owners who are too lazy to pick up a book or google how to housebreak and in the end it’s the dog that gets punished or given away because their owner failed to train them.

    I think it’s awesome what you are doing and I would post your link all the time, I’ve wanted to start my own “housebreaking” business where I either housebreak someone’s puppy by teaching it the basics or I go in and fix someone’s housebeaking issues because just from reading this forum there are a lot of clueless people out there.

  • That’s one of the best ideas I’ve heard all day! I think making a website would be wonderful, but my only peeve is that there’s a big ton of websites out there already. All a person really has to do is go to a search engine a “google” in there problem, and millions of answers are handed start to them.

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