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I want to start breeding dogs! (Training neonatal and air conditioning)?

damselchum Question : I want to start breeding dogs! (Training neonatal and air conditioning)? In fact, I was joking to try again;) However, I suddenly became very interested in neonatal training and conditioning. Has anyone here had firsthand experience with it? Anyone know a breeder (other than animal husbandry service) that does this? For those who are not familiar with what I’m talking about is different ways of “training” very young puppies (literally from the when they were born) by introducing various olfactory stimulation, tactile, audible and visual, in addition to socialization. Full advantage of the printing and the lowest stages of anxiety in the lives of puppies. And to obtain timely development of the brain premiums (puppies 70% of the mass of the adult brain in 6 weeks!) It can be amazing reults – puppies as young as 3-4 weeks can make the basic obedience (sit, down) and 6 weeks is moving forward (open door, turn on the light) So yeah .. Anyone have more info on this? Thanks for the tip bindi! It looks like it is sold on Amazon – but I’ll keep looking around for her! Thanks for the stars guys – the more information I can find about it better! Knitting – I ran across this site one of my many Google searches on the subject. yes it does look like she does amazing things! Just an opinion – have not read the art of raising puppies. love of books skite others, however – I’ll make sure I look at the first two chapters next time I see him! Good luck with your new puppy! Cadsune – is certainly the extent of stimulation of these puppies is amazes me. I raised a few litters (all favors that were too far away to sterilization) and my grandparents raised boxers … Always treated from birth – weight taken daily, starting on traing as young as possible, etc. but I could not imagine one of my puppies being able to open doors and flip switches 6 weeks! Have you ever done work footprint on the surface for burglary? singleworker – thank you that link was very helpful! Nancy – I actually found information on the adverse effects of over-stimulation in neonates. What I am referring to is not the complete elimination of the puppy of the litter. All dogs are raised by the dam with the same scope, but are introduced to more stimuli faster and much younger than most puppies. I talk to about TTouch 2 day old puppies when they are weighed. Printing on different surfaces by changing the whelping box, the strange sounds to desensitize playing recordings audi, accustoming them to strange objects, opening an umbrella while sitting in the region to play with the puppies. With any type of training or conditioning – yes, it can be done to negative results. As for not more – see service dogs – they are the best pets adjusted on this planet! This has much to do with socialization training as early avancée.Meilleure response: Answer by ξ Bindi

There is so much information Can I put more ici.Ce I recommend you do is get the book Another piece of the puzzle: the development of chiot.Elle discuss what you are wanting to know in detail, and much more as well. *** You can also find the book here.

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  • Sorry, I’m not help but I am with it because I’m curious and want to see the information you get:)

  • http://www.puppyprodigies.comElle is incredible – it is one of my friends and I saw him in action. It’s like watching magic with the puppies. All she does is positive reinforcement … no punishment, even when training a dog more âgé.Amusez now!

  • I personally have no idea about that, but the subject is addressed in the first chapters of “The art of raising a puppy” by New Skete monks. I read the book in preparation for my first puppy (I get in two weeks! Yay!) And so far it has been extremely useful. Good luck!

  • Well, you should start with the basics like sit stay longer and come all the others, one, then the media and then drive, then you start to train to be an im traing servive a border collie puppy a purbred

  • no sorry, but we begin basic training soon as posible about our dogs, it’s just that people call normal breeding customs official back where I grew up, not the same as you parlezmais handeling come from birth as they should be measured every day and so they begin to learn the whistle when they can start on the head and solid food, learning to sit and lay around and not 4-6 weeks , etcfondamentalement, they begin to learn as soon as its natural for them to start learning. And leave to 12 weeks for new home with all the basic training already known (save owners a lot of work, and makes the transition easier)

  • I’m pretty familiar with the process. Many dog ​​breeders are also working with the system of stimulation by hunting and working dogs. Your best bet is to find someone locally in your area to supervise you on this technique to help you with the process.

  • If you are going to do more research than you might have information about the excessive formation of a puppy at a young age is a problem with the full use of the brain – they “stay” in particular brain areas that training is oriented to use and reduces the use elsewhere as they mature. With human babies, we know that too much tactile stimuli and oxygen significantly reduces the interaction in the blood which is why we often do not touch a lot of interaction with infants – can be detrimental the newborn. I do not know that there is really no more that you talk to. Dogs can easily be formed – it is not difficult and they are not terribly complex intellectual so why not allow them to have good interaction with the species and their families as young puppies? I do not have any problems with a little training motivation with a new puppy (away from the litter after eight weeks of age), but before that they really need to learn their species their own “language” so that they do have problems associating with them in the end vie.ajouter: What did you talk is what most breeders do automatically alerted. I had a friend telling me years ago in Vt TT – it came after she went to something Training and figured I had gone to one because I automatically and naturally have TT on my dogs without calling it that this was how I learned to interact with dogs for decades … different surfaces and noises and these are all Givens with any breeder who knows what they do – the basic rule has always been seven different surfaces of seven weeks.

  • I know many breeders use Dr Carmen Battaglia exercises for neurological stimulation. Here is a short video showing the technique by éleveur.http: / /‘m not sure that’s exactly what you want, but thought it might be something at least that would be of interest

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