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If you have a “therapy dog” in training and she has on her little vest training.?

schmoopie Question .? If you have a “therapy dog” in training and she has on her little vest in training My friend was asked to leave the store with her little pom “in training”. the security guard was told it is a therapy dog. he asked her what kind of therapy. then he told her not to bring the dog in the store again. make other arrangements. If you need more information please check my question précédente.Y he laws stipulating that you can not ask what the disability is? He asked my friend why the type of treatment and was caught off guard and felt on the ground. It was in front of many other customers magasin.Meilleure response: Answer by

I think most organizations that dogs train service give owners a certificate of some sort that they can demonstrate to traders if they have questions about the dog’s condition. Your friend should look into that.

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  • I read the other question. The dog is in training to go to old people’s homes and do what? Be pet? Played with? I do not think the person wearing the “training” required the animals to shop with the animal. The animal is not a therapy for the person wearing it. I am a dog lover, but I think it’s a little higher. I can just put an “In Training” vest on my pit bull 85 pounds and her walk in Sears? Maybe this race is too big. What about my little beagle? She is not fat at all. See, this is not the size of the dog, the dog. Pets are not allowed in schools for many different reasons. If the animal is an assistant to the person with the dog, that yes there are laws to protect the dog and owner.

  • “Therapy” dog is not automatically allowed to go in any store, and it is not considered discrimination. There are strict guidelines on “service” dogs and what is an authorized service dog “therapy” dog is not the same thing.

  • If the dog is trained to be a service dog or therapy then I think the store should be informed that someone wants to work on training exercises in the building. Do not assume that the dog can go anywhere où.seulement certain types of assistance dogs and therapy dogs are allowed in the stores anyway. If the dog is a therapy dog ​​for a person with severe autism and animals is the only way the person can cope with social situations, I think he should be allowed. If the dog goes to the hospital for sick children why would you take it shopping? In such situations the dog is not really any intérêt.Je do not know about a law. But I think it’s common courtesy not to put someone on the spot about their disability, if they are uncomfortable.

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