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Illegal Training of a Pit Bull?

Question by janine_says: Illegal Training of a Pit Bull?

This sounded crazy to me, so please advise if you have any information:

My brother has two older German Sheppards. One is too old to walk far due to bad hips and the other is experiencing “fear-aggression” as she gets older, so he decided to get a treadmill to help exercise his dogs when he can’t get them out to walk in the neighborhood.

I bring my 5mth old Pit (“Chili) over to have play dates w/ his dogs so my brother was commenting to the guy he bought the tread mill from that it would be good to put the puppy on there to walk off some of his puppy energy. And the guy who was selling it said it was illegal to walk a Pit on a tread mill because it was considered “training” the dog for fighting!

Is that true? It just seems outrageoulsy insane to me that excersizing my dog could be considered training him for fighting and that there is actually a law prohibiting it!

I live in CA and tried to do some research on this, but didn’t find anything.
I actually don’t mind walking my dog, he loves to be outside and loves to visit the neighbor dogs, and I think it’s great exercise for both of us. He’s never been agressive and is more likely to lick you to death than anything!

I guess what really angered me was the suggestion that putting my dog on a tread mill to walk is illegal JUST because he is a PIt!!

There are a lot of dogs that get classified as “aggressive” or “dangerous” (e.g.: German Sheppards, Terriers, Rotwilers, Chows, Boxers, Dobermans, ect ..) but it ISN’T illegal to put them on a tread mill. Just my Pit who is a huge lovebug!

I realize that Pits have a horrible reputation due to their OWNERS mistreating them and intentionally raising an agressive dog, but as a bred, Pits are just a loveable as the next. Did you know that the dog on Little Rascals was a Pit? I don’t know about you, but those kids looked happy and safe to me!

Okay … off my soap box and back to researching the law…
And doesn’t the Dog Whisper (Cesar Milan) use a tread mill for his dogs at his compound? He lives in LA and I don’t see the police banging on his door …???

Best answer:

Answer by jerri_k02
Tell the guy to mind his own bussiness. What is the difference where your dog is walking? Either a tred mill or around the block. I think it is actually a good idea cause then your puppy can still get the excise it needs when you don’t feel like taking a walk or it is raining out.

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  • It actually is considered training them to fight. If you ever watch animal planet and if you have ever seen animal precinct then you might have noticed this: when the animal police officers break up an illegal dog fighting ring (which always involves pittbulls) there is a treadmill that they use to train the dogs on. That’s why the guy said that. I don’t know about the law pertaining to that in California, but that’s just what someone would assume in regards to a pittbull.

    P.S. I know it sounds ridiculous and you should be able to walk your dog on the treadmill if you want to.

  • The man is right. Some people who are training pit bulls for fighting do make them walk or run on treadmills.

    I’m not sure on laws, but it may very well be possible that there are laws against it, as it is part of such things.

  • I live in NY and there is NO law that won’t allow you to exercise your pet by using a tread mill….to bad most of the lazy people who have pets don’t do so then the pet wouldn’t suffer from being so overweight.

  • I think the guy is full of it

  • IF a treadmill was found, along with other dog fighting paraphrenalia, especially if the treadmill was found adjacent to a kennel area, instead of the house, then the police might use the presence of the treadmill as evidence that it was used to train the dogs for the illegal activity.

    Otherwise, how would the police know that the treadmill was used for this purpose? It would be like saying that you can’t own a treadmill if you also own a dog. Sounds like the guy selling it had some guilty conscious thing going on.

  • That’s absolutely 100% wrong.

    You’ll find that a lot of responsible, intelligent American Pit Bull Terrier owners use treadmills to exercise their dogs. They’re especially useful if it’s raining or snowing outside and you aren’t able to walk the dog… it’s even a great tool to use to keep your APBT fit if he does agility, weight pulling, etc.

    So, basically, he made you think that it’s just dandy for EVERY OTHER breed of dog… but not APBTs? That’s a load of crap. ANY breed of dog can be trained to fight.


    Tell that man to mind his own business and stop making such ridiculous assumptions.

    Regardless, if wouldn’t be a good idea for a puppy to be put on a treadmill. Too much exercise (such as walking for long distances) can stunt a puppy’s growth and develop other bone-related problems as the puppy ages.

  • I have 2 Pit Bulls and that sounds ridiculous to me also… They have competitions for pits to show their strength and one book shows one pulling a small truck… so how is that any different?

  • umm…. well i accually am a pit bull owner. and it is considered training your pit bull to fight. but in CA now they r trying to put a ban on pit bulls in that state. i think instead of spending the money for the treadmill. i would just walk ur dog every day. he would love the fresh air. but thats just my opinion.

  • if your caught fighting dogs then the treadmill is said to be a fighting tool. its like papers or a pipes.with weed there used for smoking pot without weed there nothing.

    the crap you here is not even true fighters beating dogs shocking dogs baiting dogs with rabbits and cats

    its not true
    fighting dogs have to be brave- beating and shocking a dog does not make it brave

    fighting dogs fight dogs not cats or rabbits so cat and rabbits would not help at all

    beagles are baited with rabbits so they will hunt them
    like coon hounds with coons
    police dogs with people

    i can believe smart people believe this crap

    its like iraq and chemical weapons

  • gTread mill walks are not illegal. Illegal is to train your dog for fighting. Pit bulls are great in sports ( weight pulling , high jump ) so getting them in shape is normal. Besides lots of exercises are good for their health and walks on tread mill are great with burning their unlimited energy. Let the puppy walk run and be happy 🙂

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