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Insane Canine Self Control – clicker dog training tricks

Visit our website: Buy our new ebook: Become a fan on facebook: www. Subscribe to this CHANNEL TO YOUR show support! We appreciate: These dogs are all trained without any form of physical or psychological intimidation not even no reward markers, using a training method called Progressive Reinforcement Training. If you want to learn more also check out my free videos on the site about how to teach! ‘Dog training’ professional dog training ‘dog tricks’ leave it alone to let without intimidation After getting hot dogs, I thought I would take on the challenge pieces! This is the Splash degree first lesson of holding chunks, and the chunks in a dish. I plan to teach her to feed my dogs their dinner, their bowl as a trick. Tug never a “leave it, get it” game played, so I thought I would do that for fun. I did not let it get training advice, if your dog could anticipate you say get and eat the pills you fall to the floor …. So be warned! ☺ dog training, clicker training, dog training tips, great dog training, best dog training, leave the road, stains, dog training, dog training tips, dog great restraint, clicker training tips, how to train a dog, the worlds smartest dog clicker dog training, dog obedience, dog obedience training Video Rating: 4/5

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  • What breed is Splash? πŸ™‚

  • I laughed when she would attack them, she has a look on her face like “What the heck am I eating my failures my mouth?” Priceless!

  • awwww splash is a good and beautiful dog!

  • Also try the 300 peck method for reactive dogs. It helped my dog ​​a LOT. My dog ​​is reactive towards strangers as well. Just google for more information.

  • Find her channel for Barking at strangers.

  • I thought it would require some training leave, but my question is how do you handle that wasps and snakes, not because I have to train with (of course) and I’m not always there to tell her to go away it.

  • I have a question for you and I hope you have the time to reply. Today my dog ​​ran into some bushes and was attacked by a swarm of angry wasps. Fortunately she was not stung badly since they took to the floor, rolled over and dragged himself to the small samples Rubbing her. But I’m having problems with her trying to bite the wasps when they buzz anywhere near her. How do you teach your dog to move away from the wasps? What about snakes? It’s something I worry about every summer.

  • Amazing!

  • My dog ​​Chow / Brittany is very shy around strangers. She is terrified children and growls at them when they’re around her she clicks. I try to avoid them to approach her, but children do not always listern. Do you have a video on this issue? Are you planning on writing a book with your tips? Your training method is gorgeous, and you are not using the booming “I am not responsible for voting” no.

  • I wish you still lived in the U.S.! Maybe one day I will travel with my puppies. πŸ™‚

  • You can do this with Wilma in Manchester United Kingdom in November!

  • I am always impressed by the ideas shared on this channel! Your dogs hanging in the background have great control to hang while someone else is trained. That’s something I need to work on my own 4. They love having their training time.

  • I see you have other dogs there. Do your observational training?

  • what are the other 2 dogs on the couch? are they yours? postscript Awesoma trick, I hope you have a tutorial on this soon

  • How did you treat Splash to hold without eating? What is the first step in that?

  • I tried “surprising” her with food. She is calm as she eats. Actually she is quiet the whole time until they hear the word walk. It did not really work, because even if she is quiet, when I give her a piece or a piece of chicken, she would swallow it instead of chewing. I will try the water method, but I think they would just eat her instead drink. I tried to “fix” her chewing and associate it with a command, but she does it so rarely that it is difficult even to “catch” the action. Thanks for the reply =)

  • It’s so crazy that the other dogs just sit on the couch and watch what’s going is.Ik separable my 2 dogs to train them. Such amazing self-control. Great video Emily.Dank you

  • Okay thanks! Ive turkey .. and some of the hamburger. heheeh.

  • would not pay much fun

  • The pieces I used were in the form of cylinders, and quite hard, I think it really helped me a lot of games with her first taking the pieces and keeping it played. I make sure she grabs her teeth before I let go, it was just too tempting for her to carry them out in her mouth otherwise, she would just swollow them, and look surprised if I said drop! I thought teaching with milk bone bicuits would have been easier, but I’m impatient and like instant gratification

  • allows you to sweden πŸ™‚

  • πŸ™‚ It’s just not the way!

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