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Invisible Fence Brand TV Commercial

Dog Watch Hidden Fence Systems 508-428-4922

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  • what does she mean by invisible fence?

  • So Sad! They do this for advertising… to make it sound sad so they’ll buy the product! My mom’s a vet and I showed her this and SHE even cried… must be really sad! So is the window one for Invisible Fence!

  • Why does it seem to be all sad and dramatic… You feel bad for the person. BUT SUDDENLY… BOOM! You get smacked ibn the face with a happy, cheerful mood while the commercial is advertising. WTF?

  • IKR!

  • Why does it start so slow and then suddenly…the chick is in fast forward! I had to watch it 3 times just to understand what she was saying. Personally….do a different one and it makes it sound like it is a fool proof thing. I know for a fact that it is not. So, maybe change the wording.

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