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Invisible Fence for Kids

An electric collar for kids which keeps them off and getting into trouble. Like the invisible fence for dogs, this little gadget gives a shock. The children wear around their necks. Credits Writer, director, cameraman, editor: Neal Thomassen Actors Adrienne Mazzone Jake Mazzone Siren Mazzone Dean Kropp Narration: Paul Payton soundtrack: Buy out music Video Rating: 4/5


More information about the tools you need to make your own invisible dog fence installation. See how to use the tools to keep your dog fence quickly and efficiently to get into the ground. You may be surprised to learn that much of what you need to own! Visit free step-by-step training and installation guides, articles, videos and unbiased product reviews. Video Rating: 2/5

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  • This is hysterical. The not so funny is that the invisible fence really have your pet is injured and would neurotic behavior as a result. It also makes your pet does not protect against predators such as other dogs, animals bunchers (sellers of animals to laboratories for testing) and someone just out to steal or hurt an animal. Nor to protect an innocent child could wander in your garden.

  • Yes, train with pain. WTG.

  • That evil

  • Lame

  • Another proven method is just to get their legs amputated.

  • no ice cream trucks: (

  • id smash that shit up

  • no shit its a joke!

  • I ddont get. E collars are trained … that you do not train your children boundrys correctly 1st. You do not just blow them up like this. ! St must train for DAYS the boundries.

  • lol, who needs friends anyways: P

  • Fake and gay

  • joke

  • god i love the USA only for this

  • very funny!

  • This thang real or a hoax

  • Awesome!

  • lmaorememeber that whore bonnie?

  • * Lol *

  • haha 4 g33k children 1 run haah xD

  • “And i dont have to beat ’em more” ROFLMAO

  • Great video and idea!

  • LOL diarrhea!

  • no ice:

  • ice creamm shockk

  • LOL

  • invisible fences are used because there are cheaper and dont mess with your garden much

  • This ass …. If you have a tractor with a plow … taken from the plow and use the coulter to cut a trench for you. Simple and effective.

  • waste of fucking time.

  • This video is a leugennet as the cake

  • It does not hurt, lol.

  • Real fences and positive training methods which dogs are rewarded for good behavior, are friendlier and more effective.

  • I’m still none the wiser?

  • this is not HOW! its just telln me what I need. I already knew

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