Training Collar Guide: Pick the training collar that best suits your pet

Invisible Fence Training

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  • @ YaqoHomo Really? Which states are they forbidden? Just curious

  • Poor dog! Electric fences are unnatural and doggy for people who are too lazy to train their dog.

  • @ GunMetalJeep45 Hello sir.

  • @ Themoonpro my Sibe no longer have to wear and is quite happy to have 3 acres to roam and I do not have to worry about him hit by a car because I trained him properly using the collar as a tool as it was intended not just throwing it out there to get a shock dont comment on my training that you have no idea of ​​my dog ​​and I are very happy and he respects me and loves me we are fine and happy

  • @ GunMetalJeep45 Ok so you understand That Both a taser and a shock collar have different levels of tension already thetaser is simply built for increased flow. On another note, you’re not a dog, so you dont actuallyknow feeling.Maybethey what they are another electrical resistance than us humans. Unless you did not do your search there. So I suggest Removing the shock collar andre searching alternative methods. As an engineer and all, im sure you come up with something

  • @ Themoonpro actually I’m quite aware of the … being an engineer and everything … you do not understand that the shock levels are adjusted based on your dog it is intended to be used as a nuisance to them not to hurt if they are used properly (as I do) … maybe others do not use them this way on the right way. I am shocked at the level that my dogs because I felt that it’s not fair to him something that I’m aware of … it is nothing like a taser …. BUD

  • @ 69salford69 Relax button, i dont even know of a cow or sheep that could jump a fence, but I do agree with you about the dog part.

  • @ GunMetalJeep45 you obviously do not understand that a nine-volt battery can be directed to a capacitor to be charged and then released as a taser. IT works the same way BUD.

  • @ GavriellaMichal Yes, I feel it only fair I would never put my Sibe through something I felt was unbearable

  • @ GunMetalJeep45 So ou have the collar on?

  • @ GavriellaMichal unreal … it’s a dog … they do not speak English they do not understand stop dont go there … I would much rather my dog ​​gets a little nasty surprise or two than have him hit by a car … the shock is nothing more than putting your tongue on a 9V battery things we did as children for dares and jokes …

  • @ GunMetalJeep45 you would use this technique to your children?

  • I have some advice, put the shock collar around your neck, tie it up and put it on a medium setting and somebody on the button to shock u.Met using shock cllar is a lazy persons way of training their dog- not to mention cruel! use positive reinforcements and he will be much more confident and understand that white flags were his friends and when he stays on the right he gets a treat he will not by the flag never meer.PLEASE SHOCKING STOP HIM!

  • @ GunMetalJeep45 “… You do not dominate you train your dog with respect and positive reinforcement.” = A pack leader will dominate the dogs in his pack. This earns trust and respect. The pack leader ensures that the packaging of dangerous or harmful to schade.Deze fences and mentally traumatize the dog, so it is afraid of the fence. The dogs taught her limits of pain and fear instead of trust and respect

  • @ Steel Geek A coyote comes in a fence, if it …

  • @ 69salford69 You just made my point! Helmet design to take control of your dog, you have to train! And you use the fence as a training tool! Once your dog learns the limits of the collar, but he will remember where he can and can not go …. You do not dominate you train your dog with respect and positive reinforcement … For some people, the Invisible fence is their only choice in keeping their dog safe there is absolutely nothing wrong with them …

  • @ GunMetalJeep45 If your dog runs away, you have no control over. If you can not control your dog, killing a kind.Elektrische fences for cows and sheep. Not dogs! This is ridiculous,

  • @ 69salford69 What? That does not even make sense? Invisible fences are for people who love to train their dogs and simply use it as a training method that helps your dog know that its boundary, so it is not hit by a car or lost in the wild ….

  • @ GunMetalJeep45 electric fences for fat people who can not dominate their dog

  • I am sorry that this video is so much aversion did not deserve them at all … unfortunate that so many people are so informed that they do not understand how dogs act or how the electric fence work … good video thanks for sharing

  • @ YaqoHomo wrong

  • @ Steel Geek have you ever seen coyotes? they will be, even in an ordinary fence … So will squirrels birds rabbits ect. Electric fences are perfectly fine! If the training is done well … and that takes a patient and a good coach …….


  • Invisible fences can and will certainly lead to aggressive incidents. MsLabMom got it right. Each stimuli such as a child passer, a bike or whatever, where the dog runs the “fence” causes the dog to associate the shock and pain mainly in his head, the child, ie cycling, etc . I had a customer who had their dog down for that reason, and there were no incidents prior to the fence. Also you must not keep them nothing. Another client lost his yorkie when 2 coyotes came

  • @ MsLabMom yes my dog ​​chase bikes Pharoh troh i herd that they come with those who shock the dog until he comes back cruel

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