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Is dog “opportunity” affect the way rescues are strict?

Question : Is the dog “desirability” affect how strict are rescues I determined that the supply curve / demand rescue dog looks like this: Food high / low demand: the big dogs, adult dogs or older, dogs m├ólesAlimentation low / high demand: small dogs, puppies, chiennesIl is more difficult, I read, re-associating large adult males races, and for obvious reasons, most animals are placed in the rescue are adults and children. (“He got too big”, “My apartment will not allow a dog of this size,” “We could not cope with a 80 pound dog that we never bothered to train,” etc.) So my question is, does the supply curve and demand affect the way the rescue operation for puppies and small and large adult versus? The reason I ask is I want a large adult male, and I know why some really strict rescues can reject me. For example, I’ve just started in my big-kid career. And I was 2-3 months behind on the stroke of my dogs a couple of times because the veterinarian has changed the way they reminded us and I did not know (they attached to a magazine, and I always throw magazines as junk mail). I have not found until that I went to discover drugs or HW Frontline or something. In addition, the records of our vets always say that one or another of our dogs is late for heartworm preventative, because our dogs are the same size and they share a box that actually lasts 6 months 3 months – so the computer only records we have bought a box for a dog. (Irritating, is not it? I’ll have to get them to solve this problem, I know.) Anyway, I know the size / age / etc. Should not affect the criteria used to pass that saves, but I wonder if this is the answer cas.Meilleure : Answer

by the plume
In many rescues that does.I adopted a senior dog multiple health problems, my application has been verified but with my experience with race and health problems of the fee was reduced just to get him into a good home

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  • Large breed adult dogs and black dogs are often the first choice for euthanasia. Desirable, cute, young, purebred dogs often go for higher prices in the private employment agencies for a government chiens.Aller “book” shelter. They will have more of “undesirable” dogs that have already taken more bailouts. You will be more likely to get a pet at a reasonable price that really needs a home as a matter of life or death. Avoid investments priv├ęs.Une Another idea would be to check your local papers and documents in your area for “free to good home” dogs or dogs that need to be repatriated at a reasonable price for various reasons.

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