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Is it more difficult to train “toy” breeds?

Question by Randee ? Is it more difficult to train “toy” breeds Or is it the fact that many people who buy them do it as a trend and have no idea what to do with a dog? Right on the Basic issues in recent weeks, it seems more people with a toy breed seem to have problems training plus.Meilleure response: Answer

by Maurice
in general most dog toys are difficult to train (or is it burrows) because they are stubborn and are easily distracted, but they can be very intelligent given the right amount of time and patients

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  • Small breeds are mostly very intelligent and learn quickly. However, many people see them as something more than a real dog who needs training, they tend to let them get away with everything too.

  • I think it is based on Trend – Many people buy Toy breeds these days and handbags farce rather than training them! Paris wannabes, you know!

  • I think they sont.Ma aunt and uncle Toy Poodle was a “bitch” to train. He was too spirited and catchy. It was a real Meany. If you walk by as much as him, he would try to tear your ankles to shreds! Each Toy Poodle, I’ve seen acts like this!

  • Yes it can be difficult. My little yorkie knows to go outside to pee and just makes me even, but it always does in the house after 3 years. Patience and perseverance.

  • I think it is a combination of “trendy” meet “a little more difficult dogs.” I find that small dogs tend to be harder to potty train, said train, and learn to stop ‘aboyer.Je think this is due to clever, but all these dogs mutts excitables.Mettez trendy, tiny in the hands of trend followers, instead of dog owners, and we see training issues. In addition, small dogs have “little dog” syndrome a lot of time. They must be hard cuz they’re so tiny! When they are “on-humanized”, it can turn into a terror.

  • Many small breeds such as terriers and dachshunds are stubborn and are difficult to agree former.Je part of it is the tendency to buy things without recherche.Les dogs also get away with bad behavior because its such a tiny problem, and it looks “cute” .. if a larger dog’s behavoir posted, someone would fix it right away. People tend to let their dogs get away with things until his nuisance.Je see a lot of small dogs display behavoirs dominant with their owners too .. Once again, people let them get away with them, because they are cute and little. The dog is less likely to form because it does not consider the owner as leader.Beaucoup small breeds are higher, too .. resulting in poor quality dogs and temperments pauvres.Certaines people are simply too young to buy them too. These additional weeks with mom to a différence.Je think the break is more difficult with smaller breeds because of smaller bladders. Training may be more difficult just because of size, when obedience training, you turn even more to your dog and a threatening position, the dog may be more concerned to form a first small temps.Les Tho dogs are intelligent and are quite capable of learning tricks, obedience and agility. I taught my Chinese Crested sign. He has taken upon itself fairly quickly.

  • I think the dog has developed a BIG Nekkid people leave small dogs get away with things that would be downright dangerous for a large dog because it’s cute, and it’s not a problem on a small dog. Jumping on people is cute-being snippy is sometimes seen as cute. It is dismissed as “Oh, look, he thinks he is a big dog!” – Because it does not hurt anyone, it’s correct.Ajoutez to this the fact that people are stupid “for breeding these dogs teacup” ill-bred runts that are aborted fetuses were traditionally more questions (I ask me questions about sound!) – Because there is not careful to reproduce these dogs for temperament and soundness, then you get some very bad dogs élevés.En top of that, with the “trend” – you have people who do not search on a dog they buy it just because “Paris Hilton” has one, they do not even know how to train a dog, much less what is involved in this race particular. So you take a green owner, an ill-mannered dog and a puppy-rooted behavioral issue VOILA’-free future!

  • Unfortunately, too many people underestimate small dogs and I think that training right in the first place is not necessary. They do not think these small animals can turn into these big problems.

  • In my experience, I’ve always had big dogs for years and everything was easy to potty train. Now I have small dogs this being my first time to have small dogs and some were a challenge to potty train. One of my dogs is almost 3 years and still has occasional accidents in the house every few months or so. But all the great dogs I’ve ever had in the past would never have any accidents in the house, ever. I think the difference between the big dog and little dog bladders in small breeds are much smaller and can not go too long between potty breaks. But insofar as obedience training of small dogs are just as easy to train as large dogs. But with the ease of training also depends on the breed. Some breeds are smaller stubborn and dominant than others making them seem more difficult to train. But generally, most people that own small breeds feel they are not to form their race odious little because it’s so cute. To tell you the truth, I’m really not a fan of small dogs the best dog. Small dogs get on my nerves when they are always barking and trying to bite people and the owner thinks nothing of it.

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