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Is it OK to let my bird “spread its wings?”?

Question by Kingofdaburbz: Is it OK to let my bird “spread its wings?”?

I have recently purchased a Cockatiel. I never owned a bird before. I have a pretty big cage for it, but it seems like it is cooped up. So I let it out in my apartment, but it made a mess over everything. As such, I was curious, would it be OK to let it fly around outside? Can you “potty train” birds like dogs? I asked a few of my friends, but none of them have birds, and couldn’t answer… Please advise.

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Answer by gv3_1914
birds have the greatest gift in the animal kingdom. The gift of flight!! They are the most free creatures on the planet. How can you be so selfish as to rob a poor creature of it’s existence just to satisfy your own personal lust!!??

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  • Sure, take him outside and let him fly. He’ll come back, I promise.

  • Don’t let that bird fly around out side. Clip it’s wings. As long as the bird can open and flap his wings in the cage without touching either side, the cage is large enough. Letting them fly around the house can be dangerous to your bird, hitting windows, mirrors, ceiling fans, not to mention the fact of possibly being hurt in the kitchen, or just flying out the door when it opens There are way too many dangers outside for a bird of that size. Yes, a bird can be potty trained. It takes a
    lot of patience and takes quite awhile to train a smaller bird. Large birds are easier to train, just because they don’t poop as often as the small birds. Just make sure your bird has plenty of toys that you can switch back and forth so he doesn’t get bored, and he will be fine. Trust me, if you let that bird fly outside, it won’t come back.


  • I’ve got three birds (caiques, not cockatiels, though), I live in an apartment, and my birds are out ALL the time. I clean up after them on a daily basis and it’s not hard to do. I prefer giving them as much “indoor” freedom as possible, rather than making them stay in a cage. When your bird is out, just keep a damp cloth handy and wipe up when they poop on something.

  • *sigh*. I have been telling people to buy a book about birds on yahoo answers for a while, but i have never seen someone who needs to buy a book as much as you do. PLEASE do a search for “cockatiel” on, go to a library, or any pet store. i like ” Cockatiels for Dummies by Diane Grindol” but that one is kinda too long and any book about cockatiels or parrots in general is a must for you. if you do not learn to care for your bird correctly, your bird will end up dead. for example, did you know that non-stick pans, when heated, make a gas that kills birds flat out? you can be making a grilled cheeze one day, forget about it, and your bird is dead and you won’t know why. a book about birds will tell you *all* of this. as well as how to tame and train your bird!

    to answer your direct questions:
    1) a bird that excapes outside is a dead bird. that is they most peole clip their wings.

    2) i have an un-clipped cockatiel that flies around the house, but since you do not know anything about birds, you MUST take the bird to a vet or pet store to get the wings clipped. i won’t explain wing clipping here. read a book. after you know your bird you can decide if maybe letting the bird fly is right for you and your bird. it is much harder to keep a flyiing bird safe and every expert will tell you never to let the bird fly, but lots of people have flying cockatiels and parakeets.

    3) birds will make a mess. that’s kinda what birds do. most people who clip their wings have play stands for birds and put the birds on the stand. what you need to do is train the bird to “step up” on your finger. if the wings are clipped and the bird is hand-fed (not scared of you) this is simple. if you have a wild bird that is scared of you, you need to make it not scared of you first. books explain how to make a bird not scared of you, and how to train it to “step up”. my flying bird does not “step up” but she returnes to her cage because that’s where the food is. i use millet to make her go inside and wait for up to 20min for her to go inside sometimes, and i do not open any doors or windows until she does. but if you clip a bird’s wings, you can just pick the bird up and return it to the cage. That is another reason you should get the wings clipped. Do NOT chase or catch the bird, this will make the bird think you are a predator and will make the bird scared of you.

    4) yes, you can potty train birds that have their wings clipped and that “step up” on your finger on command. “step up” training is first, of course. i don’t recomend potty training, but it is ok. i just put towels on the areas the bird likes to sit on. another good book is “guide to a well behaved parrot” but it has a lot of info that only applies to larger and smarter birds than a cockatiel which may confuse you. it covers potty training.

    5) PLEASE i beg you, read a book that explains all of this! a cockatiel can be a friendly bird that sits on your shoulder and begs you to pet it! it can also be a screaming, biting, angry bird, and in extreeme cases, it can tear out it’s own feathers! Please read a book to learn how to get your bird to be a happy, cuddly, safe bird!

    6) birds need toys. books can explain this.

    7) birds need to eat pellets, not seeds. seeds are treats. they also need to eat veggies like carrots and peas, but that is hard to get them to eat sometimes. books can explain this too. they cannot eat avocado because that is poison. books give you a list of things that are poison. i really recomend
    Cockatiels for Dummies by Diane Grindol for this.

    PLEASE read a book to learn to care for your bird, you and your bird will be happy if you do! if you don’t read a book you will end up one of those people on yahoo answers who answer “are cockatiels good pets” with “no, they are terrible, they are loud and make a mess”. Please? books are written by bird experts who spell words correctly — unlike me. you can get a lot more from them than from people like me.

    good luck to you and your cockatiel.

  • No, definetly do not let your cockatiel fly around outside! Thats very dangerous & the bird can simply fly away & never come back (if its wings aren’t cliped). Either way, don’t let it fly freely outside.

    If you want to “potty train” your bird this is do-able, but not outdoors. You need a small room or a room that is cleared of dangerous things (hot stoves ect.) & areas that it might poop all over. Once you have the place you want to train your bird, take him/her out regularly. Let your bird walk along your arm, on top its cage or perch. If you do this on a regular basis your bird will begin to get used to being handled & knowing how to move about.

    I do sugest buying a book on training birds for more information. What I sugested is the most basic form. This is what I did with my cockatiel. You can even train your bird to talk too! ^_^

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