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Is it time to cut my losses?

Question ? Is it time to cut my losses I was a professional pilot for over 3 years. Two years as a trucker, a year as a bus driver (public transit and school ground). I have over 100,000 miles in heavy vehicles, without an accident or ticket. My driving record is impeccable personal aussi.J I started to work for another bus company. I spent three weeks in the “training”, which spent two weeks listening to the BS and businesses in the third week, I drove about 2 hours and they said to go to the second phase of training . I do not know why, but I can not accept that person. No matter what I do, I’m wrong. I’m a damn good driver. All other students on the bus can not understand why this guy is so hard for me. I do everything well, even if this rage does give directions (I have no idea where we go and I am not authorized to determine in advance). He was suspended for three days. Next Wednesday he will “give me, then fire me.” This person is sick. He talks about killing puppies and eating deer and cats and chevaux.Il is clear to see that he is deeply troubled. I see no future in this business. My wife told me to wait to get fired. I will use my suspension out on interviews. I do not think I will come in on Wednesday, because any job is better than that. I have never seen a more mentally ill person as that person. He has more repetitive particular habits that I could list. He has an obsession with dead animals. It is also very raciste.Je know this is not a reflection on me or my ability. I try hard not to be bothered by elle.Meilleure response: Answer by

as a truck driver and fellow citizens, I know where you are .. we can never do any of these companies happy regardless of what we do. You know as well as I that there is a huge demand for our skills. So get out the first chance you get.

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  • Absolutely, reduce your pertes.Peu matter what happens with this situation, it will probably not good. I do not see this as a work situation that is nice, I’m surprised you’ve lasted this long! Good luck.

  • sure sounds like harassment, I think you must go to the head of some hole-and talk to a responsible person in upper management and a lawyer specializing in labor law.

  • Definitely go for something else, but show up Wednesday – if you are laid off, you can file for unemployment until you line something else up. (Easier if they fire you, that if you leave and file for “constructive discharge”) Definitely write down what happened – and converting it RH.Ce guy should be fired – it’s scary and sick. And if he is a racist, you never know what you did to tick him (obviously, it sounds like his problem, not yours) Please Please Please, talk to HR ! That’s what they are for (even if they do not, at least, he will go in her file!) (Give something for them, in writing, -. This way, they can not say they were not aware) You might consider having to talk to a lawyer, depending on how this rule all … Good luck!

  • You should never leave a job before having another. Just a good rule of thumb. I want to document everything that happens by taking a daily newspaper. Stick It Out, if you do not get fired for unfair dismissal at least you have something to document what really happened. This should allow you to receive unemployment benefits as well. Whatever you do, keep your resume updated and your options open. Good luck!

  • I drove a truck and trailer £ 80,000 by the collar of Roger … Other than that, I have no similar experience to yours. However, from the situation you describe, it is clear: It’s time to move on chose.Si you are fired, would you qualify to receive the chômage.Cependant, he made a black mark on your dossier.Je would just do my time and tell them I know I’m good, and does not need the hassle, and never look arrière.Quelqu one should suggest that the boss guys that person need “help”.

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