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Is possiable to enable our bulldog puppy to wander out of its cage when you are away?

Question : Is possiable to allow our bulldog puppy to wander out of its cage when you are away It is already crate trained, but we want to allow freedom of homelessness in our living room to work. Giving him a chance to stretch his little legs. Do you have any tips or pointers? My fear is that it will eat away our furniture and the “crate training pot” goes out the window. Please answer aviser.Meilleure : Answer by Tobi

is normally always best to confine your dog in his cage when obviously not you take it out every day. If you leave out that you’re going to get injuries and this will affect the process of crate training. Leave a couple of toys in the box and something that has your scent on it iy to the comforts, and not make a big deal to leave the house as this would get worked up.

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  • NO WAY

  • He can extend his legs before leaving and after you return. Unsupervised, it is difficult to say what he could get in trouble, some of them could be life threatening.

  • you can take a chance, but if you want a dirty house is destroyed in minutes. but if I were you I would put it in its kennel if it can not be monitored while you are not in the house. Take my advice do not let your dog roam freely in your home that is just an accident waiting to happen and it can also chew on the cords son and socks and towels and garbage plants could dirty the carpet across the floor that ‘and he would not be supervisesed. and if you are so worried about him chewing on your furniture and keep the kennel and do not let it roam freely in the house.

  • NO! Baaaaad idea. It goes to pee, chew the furniture and my use of hazardous chemicals / objects. Its best to keep confined. When it comes to adult u should find more room for himself confim heart away.

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