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Is the material age and size in GSD?

Question of Hell ? does matter age and size in GSD I recently spoke to a breeder who suggested a couple of puppies or young dogs for me which is what I wanted and everything. One of the “puppies”, she is 12 weeks old and proposed metering, the other younger dog, she suggested four mois.Supposons happens that the two dogs are equally talented, have the same game / food drive, the desire to please and temperament: a. Should I be concerned about the age … the young dog who spends four months: SJE mean, when you get a puppy, you have a clean slate to work and I guess you can train the puppy to be what you want, with young or older dogs … would it be easy for me to “re-train” or “train-out” some of their habitudes.Comment would it be difficult for me to train them in another language? Age was one of my main concerns when it suggested these puppies, can you outline? 2. She said the young dog that is about 4 months will probably be “90 lbs or more.” The puppy 12 weeks old will be about 80 pounds. When it comes to protecting … Does Size Matter? I know for bullying, the larger dog would be more effective. She says the two guard dogs are également.3. Health issues, assuming that the young dog will be 90 pounds or more … it will be big enough, it will be trained to Schutzhund and will be exercised every day for extended hours … which would have a capacity of two more physical? (Im assuming that the lightest? Because there is less of a strain for him?) However, the older dog are “heavier bones, more breasts, bigger head” as the most jeune.Kile – – do “DSG” is telling you something? Moondog – The big questions, so let me clarify abit, we hope you’re still reading ceci.1. No, the coach does not sell me, she says to choose one of 2.2. She did not say dogs will be able to protect myself and to schutzhund. She said: “At this point, both are equally talented in their potential for Schutzhund” For protection, she said only that based on the intimidation factor, the young dog (90 + lbs) will be more intimidating for gens.FidosCityGuide – it’s a possibility, but it could also have kept because he thought he had the potential to be in a sport or police work or maybe it ‘s kept for breeding future? .. But my question is .. if this is the case then why is she selling it? What went wrong? Best answer: Answer

by Kile
age should not be a consideration if you think other qualities correspond to what is good for you and your family. Any dog, any age can learn or unlearn behavior is what is being reinforced what counts. Size does not matter in the protection will be. Some Chihuahuas will better protect your home from a Neapolitan Mastiff! Regarding health issues go, the breeder should be able to tell you what kind of problems can have your race, each race is different. For example, Pugs are small dogs, but they get hip dysplasia as well as any large breed dog. So, you can search the race and ask the breeder what health issues run in the breed you are interested

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  • Warning Warning Warning. a farmer with a dog 4 months old! Alter Major. Why do they have a puppy of this age? Are they such a poor farmer that nobody wants the dog? Aske beeder on the tests on genitic partents (major issue for questions of the hip in GSDs) You are looking for a healthy dog ​​to a dog sport in praticipate, poorly bred dogs often have problems that prevent this. Ask the breeder for veterinary recordes and test results genitic. If it can not provide them, that neither dog, continue to seek a reputable breeder.

  • I am a little confused by your question. Are you planning to buy a puppy or two? If two, it’s not a good idea. The puppies will bond and be more interested in eachother and you will be training hard. You will need to train them separately. Ethical breeders do not sell two puppies to a buyer for that very reason. Maybe you can clarify this point.Chiens training in any language is not a problem. My Rottweiler obeys both commands in English and German. I taught her German orders because I wanted to do, but Schutzhund as it turned out his nervous energy was not stong enough to Schutzhund. I use English commands for general training in German and when we do obedience level avancé.J I found the training older dogs easier and faster than training a puppy. I trained Rottweilers Rescue elderly in general obedience without problem, they are more sensitive and will spread rapidement.Quand it comes to protection size does not mean much. What is most important is the strength and nervous temperament and of course formation.Je’m a little suspect of this breeder. How can she know at the age of these puppies they will be suitable for protection or Schutzhund training. If both parents of each of these dogs excel in Schutz, then at least part of their puppies will probably be appropriate. She can not know this young âge.Une another thought. A young puppy should not be exercised for extended hours. This can cause serious joint damage because the growth plates are not closed. Wait until the dog is mature before you exercise for heures.Il there is no way of knowing at this stage what the dogs will have a more physical ability.

  • Q1: “Is the material age and size?” He made the cabot.Aussi to ease the dog is to train and what activities it may be formed as soon as you’ve earned his trust, vs. what you must wait for it to mature. • “One of the” puppies “is 12 weeks, the other from 4 months.” Cabots are puppies until they reach 12 mois.Oubliez puppy 12 weeks – it ends or has ended the period of curious and confident and enter the period necessary for security. Exceptions to this blanket dismissal-if are (1) you choose for yourself (and can see how he reacts to strangers, bizarre movements, loud noises, bouncing balls, being captured), assisted by a stranger who has trained many dogs for personal protection, and (2) you are allowed two weeks of full repayment period test so you can see how he reacts when you’re away from the security blanket of his breeder and the puppy should barrage.Les 4 months after emerging from its period need security, but you make sure your tester, and ( assuming it passes) again forget it, unless you can have one or two weeks in which the trial. (Tests of puppy dogs for future protection are normally made in 5 weeks – in the first group it look below in the links section Temperament => For months 3-4 years you can not be sure of reactions are of genetic origin, which, through experience ..) The ideal time for a puppy is home to 7-9 weeks, giving you a week to earn his trust and then a lot of time for all experiments familiarization-&-confidence they need for SAFE (in his opinion) meet before 13 weeks of age (but some experiences can be left until later 16 weeks). But do ANY dog unless you can (A) stay home 24/7 for at least the first week (you need to observe that while 100% it is awake to find his timing and signals for such as “You wanna go toilet” and “Wanna sumfing BITE!” So that you can anticipate and be prepared to take appropriate measures instantaneous), and (B ) be running a weekly club of adequate training for about a year starting when the puppy is 18-22 weeks, so you get coaching on how to be an effective trainer before and Pup develop too many bad habits together and everything Pup is small enough to be manageable. • “Suppose both are equally talented, have the same game / food drive, the desire to please and temperament” NEVER! It is the kind of naive assumption beginners crooks want to believe. • “How would it be difficult to train in another language?” Use the language you’re more familiar with. This way you will not need to remember a foreigner and his command and take as long as the dog has already been run over or has bitten someone. Dogs do not understand human language – posture is their natural language, and so signals your body language and hand are the easiest for her to learn. But we must sound for when the puppy is not us … dogs gradually associating particular rhythms and tones of voice with the approval, disapproval, or commands. YOU must comply with both, more in the body indicates that you give. • “He will be trained for Schutzhund” BY WHOM? If it’s not you, in an IPO or SchH club good, forget it. If you can not train him, no way can you contrôlez.Formation the protection does not start until the dog is at least 15 months old. There are many other things you need first pass – BH is one – before you know whether you have a dog sane enough to begin training in personal protection. Many training activities have high physical stress, too, and so, as with many Agility equipment, should not be used until 15 -18 months when the bones and ligaments are mature enough to withstand these stresses. • “heavy bones, chest, head” They are all in a PENALTIES herding dog (show dogs are NOT breeding or hunting dogs). There are reasons why the international standards of BSD and GSD set limits on the size and weight – do not include documents rebel waves invented in Britain, Canada, the USofA. The BSD is the same height as the GSD, but lighter – therefore it is more agile than the ski slopes NAmerican dog, the tail-Tucker Titanic and other deviations, and can leap through an open window or bus on a car to reach an offender. • “she could prevent it, because he had a potential in the sport or work of the police or perhaps for future reproduction?” Maybe. But she is happy to sell either a absolute novice (beginners only ignorant of canines ask questions HERE!), Which proves that she no longer sees enough potential to garder.Vous have given us no connection with the kennel , we can not verify for you, but you need to check: 1 · · How many dogs she has. Schutzhund has a kennel rarely more than one or two matriarchs retired and one or two in the competition. It is unusual for such a kennel for two litters in the same year. · 2 · How many GSDs she personally trained to at least SchH1. · 3 · How she sold GSDs are currently competing in the IPO / SchH level 2 or 3? Ignore this police bought – the system used in the results in the USofA incompetent managers PD and PDS vicious.

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