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Is there a big difference between women older male dogs?

question mtgcnv67 : Is there a big difference between women older male dogs It seems to me that most people I know get male dogs, and those who claim that I asked is because “men are less aggressive” or “men are easier to train.” I do not know if I necessarily believe. But I’ve also heard some say that they are easier to deal with because they do not go through “heat” … I can comprendre.Mais what is your opinion? Is there a big difference if you choose a male against female in the collection of puppies? Is easier to manage form or another? Behave much differently? Best answer: Response

by Quin Adair
many males and females do not have penises, as women have smaller brains so that your puppy will probably be female as smart as the average mailbox

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  • Not really ….. are not more aggressive than others, it really matters when you have a dog female / male in the house that is not fixed …. then you want to get the same sex pupae keep happening. However, this does not mean never fix your dog …. you should do.

  • I understand where to come about in the heat as thing.i Dogs over males.yes they can be bitchy, but for me the male dogs are clingy.may I add lift their leg to pee and I do not like it. all my dogs that I have is women (3)

  • it really depends on the breed, I have two male and female dogs, our male was a little more difficult to train than our female, and teach bad habits, but it’s just their race, females are easier in some breeds, such as the male in others.

  • I had several male dogs in my life. Most were stubborn and sometimes difficult to train. However, the last puppy that I got was from a shelter. there were 4 of them and they were about 3 months. I tokl each in turn and gave the back and put a hand on the belly. The female staff just sitting there. Squirmin No, not trying to escape. This indicates a submissive puppy. Had spayed after her first heat and is now being 9 years and is by far the best dog I’ve ever had!

  • There is no difference, puppy training is the same whether men or women. Just to add that I have a dog and it is great, my sister has a male of the same breed and it is very bad behavior so that it all boils down to how the dog is raised.

  • I have a male and female, both are very intelligent and are not aggressive at all. They are spayed and neutral, not too hot or sorting problems. I do not see a big difference temperament wise.

  • This is what I noticed in my 40 years of owning dogs: Males are more Happy-Go-Lucky. They just want to have a good time and put their pleasure before tout.Les females are more concerned with pleasing their owners and want to ensure that the owner is happy. They seem to have more awareness. My daughters have always been easier to former.Je love both.

  • I do not believe at all. I chose a woman because I do not like men, I do not like some of their behaviors and in my opinion neither one are more aggressive than others, it depends on how you raise and train them to behave. I think it is, preferably, to be honest. You never have to deal with a heat cycle if you get the female fixed at 6 months as I faisais.Je prefer women over men, I cared for a male dog not fixed, he had some bad habits such as licking the urine when my wife pees then drools after non-stop, I do not like when they stick the rocket red and cleaning for 30 minutes, just get me out big. It is a matter of preference, I’ll probably never have a male dog ever.

  • Many people males because nobody wants to be stuck with a female. It just does not look cool guy. But aggressive does not matter. A man or a woman can be. If you intend to keep a dog in the house, either one is fine. Except female they pot anywhere (outside if qualified) male chooses a place to do it. And the heating base style. Woman is PMSing and heating for two weeks. Males? They are just the same routine.

  • well once you get the dog neutered, it will not over heat. the only female dogs I had were very bitey. male dogs I had were very good.

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