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Is there some male dogs that are simply impossible to house train?

Question Jem ? Is there some male dogs that are simply impossible to house train Do you think that putting a layer of tissue on the dog is a solution to the problem, or just a quick fix lazy. The peak is a dog with a layer designed to prevent him from scoring in the maison.http :/ / jpeg ~ ~ VJ’ai been seeing many small male dogs that are over a year old that are re-homed by their owners for their problems in the marking maison.J have heard some say that the internal training and marking in the house are two diffrent things, and that its “OK” he tries to score everywhere, because its his “territory” and that “it is fully house trained” if it needs the outside, and marking in the house does not count. Will BS for you? I think if a male puppy home is strictly severed hes still young, he will not score in the house when hes more, and if an owner is too lazy with the formation of a male puppy, it will be too late after it matures, and it will be extremely difficult to form lui.Ai I right? To note where I came up with this idea, j ‘I was conned into buying years of a dog at a garage sale for a deal on a flight, it was a very cute toy poodle. He was very friendly and sociable, but when I brought her home, he kept tagging everywhere, and he had to pee hold it in just a bit to let the smell of all, any form of punishment would do if his head that it was not OK, and it ‘ had to pee outside only. I was at my wits end and re-homed to someone else that I remembered that wanted to sell the same court that I got to partir.J ‘I had a male chihuahua when I was a child who would never mark in the house, I thought it was maybe because we were so strict with his training as he was a post-sterilization chiot.Est a “cure” for it? Best answer: Answer

by Greg B yes
dogs that are not neutered are more difficult to house train

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  • I do not know what some say, but I know I’d never stop working on a puppy that has been pissing in my house. I have a 22 pounds. male dog that is now 6 years old, neutered dogs and one of the most demanding I have ever had.

  • Although I agree with everything your word. When I go to friends or family houses that have dogs. I bring my cloth diapers dogs. They all have one. My dogs will not mark in my home and are house trained. But going in the other houses with dogs. So I do not think it’s just a lazy patch. I think it is appropriate in the right situation.

  • No dog is too old to train. Castration is the key! I’ve never had a puppy and I always had adult dogs that are rescue. Most of them have never been very high, when I get them. Persistence and making sure they are sterilized is essential. If you can not stay home to do the potty training, then you might not get their training. However, older dogs are just as trainable as younger. Neutral, then the cohérence.EDIT: I too panties fabric with the lining pad in them for each of my dogs. They will not potty in the house of another, but to keep some people at ease, it’s nice to have them on so they do not worry.

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