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Is This Acceptable Weather?

Question by Patient Paws: Is This Acceptable Weather?

I’m planning on going for a two hour walk around town and possibly to the park with two of my dogs. One, a five year old female German Shepherd/Siberian Husky, the other a six month old male Great Pyrenees/Australian Shepherd.

I was planning on leaving at three, and being back home before or around five. Typically, we can get in a good two or three miles if we only take one ten minute break, but if its too warm out, there can be more of a break or a shorter walk. Typically, we take the long way to the park, then go into the area for “training” dogs and I let the two of them run out any pent up energy and play with each other, then they relax, get some water, and we walk back home (short way).


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Answer by honeyb
It sounds pretty mild to me…if was 80-90 degrees then I would be concerned about the length of the walk. As long as they are getting the water break…I don’t see what could possibly be wrong with it.

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  • It looked like good weather to me. But, those siberian husky mixes prefer the colder weather, don’t they? I would say to go and just be aware of their behavior and take a break whenever you think they need it. Bring plenty of water for them too.

  • My furry dog is generally quit happy with anything under 85 degrees. I would carry water and give it to them every 1/2 hour or so. If they seem too hot, try walking in the shade. That’s what we do when the weather is warmer.

  • Well, as long as they seem like they aren’t too hot or tired, you can keep walking them. But once they seem too hot, take them back as soon as possible because it could hurt them.

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