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It’s me again … to give my dog ​​up.?

Avelyn Question : It’s me again … to give my dog ​​up.? You see, from day one of my husband “trained” my dog ​​to be aggressive with him. It was held in place a pillow or blanket and get Marty to “attack” him. He had left chewing on him and on his fingers knaw. He had played tug of war and down the field with Marty and play with it as if it were another dog. So now Marty is almost always on guard. He trusts me and foreigners, and almost allows us to do all that … stroking him off the couch, etc. But with my husband, this is not the case. It is on the defense around him. And if my husband Marty needs to get off the couch or bed, it kicks off from Him. Or the blue, he’ll just hit Marty in the face (not difficult, but irritating). So, naturally, Marty goes into “attack” mode. And my husband is “shocked” when he snapped to. I think he does it on purpose so that Marty will bite him in the face and he’ll have a legitimate reason for me to get rid of Marty.Meilleure response:

Answer by Sara
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  • Why do you stand it?

  • Personally, I’d start slappin my husband around like that, to see how he reacts. He reap what he has sewn so to speak. He created an aggression problem, now, he can either deal with or, or face having it on his conscience that it is his fault, he had to get rid of the dog. If you DO get rid of the dog, I cried as hard as possible and rub it as often as possible, just to make him feel worse.

  • It is cruel to your husband to do such a thing … what a shame …

  • I think you need to get rid of the husband. sorry if this is rude, but your husband should not be treating your dog like that. you should have a serious talk with him about how he treats the dog. if he stopped, with enough time, your dog should be fine around him.

  • Yep, I am even more sure that I would abandon the mari.Je do not mean to be cruel, but I am very sincere when I say that a man who gets his jollies by abusing a dog is an aggressor in the works. Think about it, if a guy can be that mean to a defenseless dog, which is to prevent it from abusing you or a child? I really think about the relationship and if you think it is because that can be saved to get rid of the dog will spare the dog from being abused, it will not solve problems with your husband.

  • have you are exposed to a dog or husband traner speclist behovor this can be reversed, but we must stop before it gets worse Onley dog ​​to alert snaps for so long

  • Well, tell your husband to stop. Obviously, the dog is gonna get mad if he feels too threatened. I mean the game as anything other dog is not a big deal, thats just to play but if he slpas in the face (I understand he did not abuse him), then your dog will angry. Your husband will have to stop treating the dog like that and you must start with both. Show your dog that your husband can be enjoyable.

  • sounds like your husband needs repatriated ..

  • Well, it depends: do u lov him enough to keep even your husband or u just gonna give up even if u do lov him? tell your husband to stop, hes being a jerk

  • Keep the dog and get rid of the husband before he starts the treatment you or your children, like a dog.

  • say it’s his fault and he must cope with his own way to get rid of the dog

  • keep the dog and get rid of the husband! Seriously, your husband created the monster, and he alone can change. However, it does not seem like he is willing to faire.Personnellement, although very difficult to say, I would recommend rehoming the dog in a place where he can relax and not be abused by someone in the maison.Aussi I strongly recommend not to have another dog. Your husband does not seem to understand, want to understand, or does not care about the dog, and it is not just Marty now or another dog in the future to have to put up with this kind of behavior .

  • Call Wisperer dog! =)

  • Your husband is the problem – not the dog – and you need to sit down and discuss with him why he behaves this way, and what he hopes to win. Is it really to get rid of the dog – or is it perhaps jealous of the affection of the dog shows? (Does this sound ridiculous, but it would not be the first). Do not allow your husband to kick your dog around, tell him you expect him to treat the dog with the respect he expected. If it continues – I do not know what your next step is – perhaps to appeal to Caesar, and make your husband look like a fool on TV in prime time? – Only half kidding .. Good luck, it’s a toughie.

  • This is abuse from you husband and he needs some lessons in how it is for the poor puppy. He is one who has abused your puppy and told him where he does not trust such andI Dont blame your husband’s dog is supposed to be an educated man and I think maybe he had grow better. You just tell your husband he is hatefull and he needs to get a life and how he would like for yourself or someone else to slap him around like he did Marty. Maybe you should not even say hello the next time he is mean to Marty that you will make him

  • Giving your dog up ……………….. I would give up your mari.Si you do not want to find the person your dog that will love him and do not abuse him. He does not deserve the life of your husband was donnant.Soyez me …. your husband would be gone!

  • Never, never, never choose a man of your dog. You will always regret pas.Votre husband was abusive to the dog. Too often men who are violent toward animals are abusive to others in their lives … even if its not physical abuse ….. At this point, his abuse of the dog is now led to the emotional abuse you (you have to get rid of a beloved dog because of his actions is improper) . Please think long and hard to sujet.Mon advice: Find a training consultant, please fill out the consultant about what is happening, then sit down with your husband so he can learn proper behavior with Marty. Although what happens … bring your husband in counseling you both need.

  • It seems that (sorry to say), that your husband is abusing the dog please get your husband to stop the dog is hurt and will grow to attack others as well if your husband wants the dog disappeared sk him, but do not let the injury keep this poor dog

  • It’s always sad when you feel you must give up a dog. I must say that most dogs who are aggressive are never adopted. I suggest training Marty for a while and see if it progresses. Tell your husband not to play “fight” with Marty over. Looks like he is the only way your husband, but can be very dangerous for his health. Try these steps before you dispose of your dog: 1) Be firm with Marty. Let him know that you are the boss. You can put your head down on the couch (if not choking!) And wait until you submit. This comes from the way their dogs are pack leaders, by the fighting. You do not have to fight with your dog. Just a business, No! Bad Dog, it should enseigner.2) They are bitter apple spray for dogs to be sprayed in the mouth after biting your husband or personne.3) Love Marty. The caress and kiss. In this way, he knows that you love and you are not someone to attack. Tell your husband Marty pet. Your husband needs to build a new relationship with Marty.Il are so many animals in shelters right now. And if you give it to someone you know, Marty will bite back at them. Follow these steps and if he continues to bite and break, then look by giving it away. Good luck with everything!

  • Keep the dog and lost her husband-it’s a joke:>) Your husband needs to stop all aggressive behavior because Marty could attack it for real or someone else who feels threatened is to be . Marty will be on the defensive with your husband, because he does not see it as a leader, as he sees another dog invading her space. You or rather your husband will have to retrain to start seeing Marty as a leader not a partner fight. Have a serious conversation about why he started first and explain that if a child comes along most children are caught and face the dogs ears or tail of the dog as likely snap and bite in defense and is a huge problem. If he wanted an attack dog when he should not have let the dog to be an animal inside. Good luck and I hope nothing serious happens:>)

  • Tell your husband to come to my place and try to hit my Texas K9 unit trained German Shepherd. I promise you will not want to hit any other dog after a “training” session with Ivan … Or better yet, I can have a session with him. Ibite harder than any dog.

  • First, you need to re-home your dog to prevent it from being abused by your husband. Kicking and slapping a dog is an abuse. And if you stand there and let it happen, you are just as guilty. Dogs are defenseless creatures that depend on humans for their safety. You failed your dog. Once the dog is re-homed (do now), then make an appointment for yourself to a therapist who will help you discover why you let this man do these things, because, believe me, you be next on his list of things to abuse. He obviously already mentally abused you or if you do not allow him to treat your dog this way. Good luck

  • I think it would be irresponsible to give you an aggressive dog to someone else. It can not be trusted. What if you gave it to a family with children, and he was bitten? Your husband is a little crazy. I would say that training the dog would help, but your husband will continue to abuse him, so why bother? If you get to the point where you can not keep your dog, it would be more humane to put him down rather than risk attacking someone else. DO NOT get another dog, as long as you’re still with your husband.

  • Avelyn, you are much to blame for allowing your dog to be worried that your husband is for him abuser.Peut it would be in the best interest of Marty to be repatriated. Contact a local rescue to see if they can help you by referring to pre-approved homes in the folder, etc.

  • if this is the case then I would say that its his fault and he just needs to deal w / it.

  • You have a husband who abuses your dog so that he can play his cruel games with your mind? As it acts like a creep force you to get rid of your dog? Dump this jerk now, while you still have a chance at life. If this is what it is like now, he’ll do worse, not better. It sounds like a control freak who will turn into a stalker of the split second gap lui.Je you feel sorry for Marty, because he has no control over that, but you as a human being can make a choice. Good luck!

  • Slap the shit out of your husband whenever you want him to go on the couch. Or you can get rid of your husband and enjoy life with Marty. Maybe Marty should bite husband a couple of times before getting rid of him (your husband what I mean)

  • Your husband is an idiot. It does not matter more than owning a dog. You have an accident waiting to happen. The dog needs to be repatriated, then sit back and ask yourself do you really want to be with someone who abused animals like that? I hope you do not have kids with this dog around. If nothing is done quickly, when you take him away, it will be destroyed. All because the way he was treated. I do not know how you want to live with yourself.

  • It looks like a dog abuse, immaturity, and perhaps a folly for moi.Il has been proven that people who abuse animals are more likely to have mental illness and / or persons to abuse fin.Sonne like your husband may need help. I suggest you get him into counseling as it can help some. It could have a serious mental condition and there may be drugs out there to help. Maybe just the board itself would even make him something good. If he refuses … I would love to get rid of him. This does not seem like a healthy life for you or your dog, and I worry about what may happen to you at the end of any cela.Les people should always remember, when the person concerned has your pet company, it’s a package deal. If you do not like or can not get along with my dog, well hit the road because buddy, I an’t intéressé.Si you really do not want to get rid of your husband or your dog, you may want be looking for some tips and marriage. Ultimately if you’re going to be the one to decide. Take a long hard look at your life, how it is to proceed, if that’s what you really want, and keep what ever you think make you happy in the long run. I still think the dog is much healthier than.

  • There are many good suggestions, but am I alone in thinking the behavior is weird? LOT of dogs are housed with rough and small, or fight with their owners. Many dogs have jumped by children (unexpectedly) with no problem. Many dogs just avoid / ignore their problem (ie children). If your husband has played / been hard since he was young Marty, Marty should be ok / follow comportement.A recently Marty was injured he had a defensive if he thought your husband was to come play? As for the husband …. Many people I know who do not like animals or dogs / cats still treat their significant other animals very well, because they know how mean the animal to the person. Have you talked with your husband about playing hard? Instead of being confrontational, suggestive. Since Marty does not feel well enough to fight, why do not you just throw his favorite ball for him instead. Maybe see if your husband will feed marty few days to improve their relation.Une else. Your husband fight on the floor with Marty Marty could have thought of him as a Pacmate instead of a man he must respect. My dogs and treat people packmates different. A Pacmate get scolded at rest worrisome, but the dog for a person moves freely. Ask your basic practical training with husband Marty to reaffirm that it is not one but a Pacmate personne.Sur a side note, I love my dogs and train them great agility, obedience, and we learn farming. Every once in a. All I get bored and throw on them and bully (in a playful way) I do not get the answer (or growl growl or bite), even if the particular dog, I do not like to be bullied fight with people. It just seems disgusted and walks away-lol.Beaucoup of guys like to bully and fight their dogs. Even my father (with mine just play with them) and he is allergic to dogs! Dogs do not mind, they grow up with it and are used for what-his “man” that I wonder why jeux.Cest to injury / illness. How old is marty? How long past behavior? Husband did hurt him during a game session ever (on accident)? EDIT: Oh, I just read your other questions. Yes, just repatriate Marty, if my husband does not like barking. Excessive barking (especially common in burrows) is not for everyone. I still wonder at the end abusive …. Many people fight their dogs, teens, sometimes banging their dog in the shoulder, the dog is ok with all ça.Plus the fact that your husband is playing with your dog? Dog abusers are not nice at all-they do not play with the dog, they just treat the dog badly all the time, still very rough fix any dog ​​behavior offers.

  • slap your husband! poor dog ….

  • Including not get rid of the dog. Your husband needs to step up to the dog show that boss and will make a decision, then the dog to stop being aggressive. is your falt husbands.

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