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Jack the Airedale Terrier – Dog Obedience

5 Month old Airedale Terrier attempting to leave a dog biscuit!

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  • Whoa! Impressive!

  • Would LOVE to see Jack these days ! His whole temperament and overall cuteness reminds me of my Airedale…! Your clips bring me great happiness… kind of like all the great shots i never managed to record… THE BEST !

  • Incredible. It’s no wonder I’m partial to Terriers. My first dog was an Airedale and we adored him. He had brontophobia (just like me) but despite that he would let me hug him when violent storms came through our town.

  • I just love how excited they get over simple things like a treat! Adorable!

  • Lovely! What a good and smart dog!!

  • i have 2!

  • Absolutely precious…what a cool dog…

  • Well done. Your a good dog owner. Nice job.

  • I have a girl, 9 now, she is not at all aggressive towards people, has problem with two females of the same size from the neighborhood, totally ignore others and chase small animals. I am trying hard to teach her that that is not allowed but she acts offended because she is very proud of what she is doing. Also very protective of our havanese baby, dog who shows any dislike towards him is her eternal enemy.

  • omg at like 35 i was just like OMG JUST LET HIM HAVE IT! lols

  • i LOVE AIREDALES they are so darn smart and FUNNY. My airedale Lexi died on 6-8-11 but we still have Erik. He is a ball of airedale joy.

  • My airedale is called Jack as well. Named after Jack Sparrow… Hmm! Like Jack Sparrow my airedale is a rapscallion not an odedient fellow like this Jack

  • Awww what a cute dog! We are getting an airedale when we get a dog.

  • damm, i hope when i get a Airedale its like jack !

  • damm, i hope when i get a Airedale its like jackk!

  • Jack is so adorable. Our Terry looked exactly the same that age, I had tears in my eyes remembering him. But I can’t remember him following orders at that age. *lol*

  • How is he with other dogs? I’ve read airedales can have aggression problems with other dogs but never heard how they are from an actual owner

  • PLEASE PLEASE MESSAGE ME AND TELL ME WHAT BREEDER YOU GOT your adorable Airedale at?!! he is precious!

  • Wow! How did you achieve that?!?

  • They have been trained as police dogs many times… not aggressive but the have huge chompers that can do some damage. Any dog can be taught to be aggressive.

  • Maybe he has more Welsh in him than otterhound? His face looks exactly like a welsh terrier’s.

  • wow you got an Airedale that does as it’s told!!
    Miracle… I didnt know that was possible!

  • Jack is awesome! He’s well trained for being only 5 months old.

  • I agree. Such a small little guy. Should be a lot bigger, especially for a boy.

  • i have a airedale terrier to he is oslo nice:D

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