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Just got a puppy, I need help?

Pomlover Question ? just got a puppy, I need help My husband gave me a surprise and we had a toy pomeranian puppy as my valentines gift since we have really missed a pet.I really really love, she is such a sweet puppy. The problem I have is that 1. I work from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and my husband works from 10 am to 10 sometimes 23 hours. I worry about her being alone for so long, I feel very sad for elle.2. I am having trouble potty training her .. I go home for lunch every day to let her go out and play with it. I have read and to be consistent, I have recently started trying the “crate training” method. How long does it usually take to potty train a puppy? So is it acceptable for her to be alone all day? And what do I do with it, obviously I can not let her wander around the house, she pot everywhere … I was putting his game in a pen for now with a cover food and water and pee pads …. And does anyone have tips and knowledge on how long it takes to potty train a puppy? She is 12 weeks and it is about £ 1 if it is extremely low ….. so I leave it in the crate when I’m gone … I am also a problem when trying to find someone to come and let her out. We both work on the road to the other side of town and my sister and brother work and so does my mother. I do not know a neighbor of mine, so I do not know that I would get to come check on elle.okay “Bobbie” was called a “toy” because it is only 1 lb. and so j ‘have AKC papers on her so shut the f …. until it does not say “toy” on the documents. The breeder who sold it to me referred to her as a toy because it is so petite.Mon husband got the 12 as a Valentine gift to début.Donc, you must get off your high horse, you do know anything about me or my chien.N ‘Have you not more important things to do than go around trying to be a know it all? Everyone (except for that person alone and miserable Bobbie) has been more than helpful with great tips and conseilsMeilleure response: Answer

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You let the dog in the cage. A box of size appropriée.Selon how the puppy is young … you might have to ask someone to let her out every 2-3 hours.

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  • You should not be leaving her alone for so long. Need someone to play with your puppy. Maybe your husband should have thought before he got it. About the potty training, I have no idea. I have a Border Collie who hates being inside so we have a large kennel and run for him outside, he does everything his company on walks.

  • It seems that you are on track with her. Take her outside as much as possible, usually every two hours when they are puppies. While you’re at work, leave it in the yard playing or locked in the bathroom with the puppy pad. Back home at noon to play with her and let her out is great! It’s good for her to be left alone. Make sure you give him lots of attention when you are home and his praise, give him a treat when she pots outside. It is different for every dog, but usually have at least a few weeks to get their training. Be consistent, which is the key to training. Good luck and congratulations on your new family member!

  • There is no such thing as a TOY Pom. Poms come in one size only. See AKC.ORG for the breed standard. No breeder sells dogs for gifts on holidays. Great that you teach your dog to pee / poop in the house using these stupid pee pads.

  • Thats not healthy for a young puppy to be alone all the time, they can become very stressed and have anxiety séparation.Vous just need to find a teenager or an adult in your neighborhood and they can feed, walk and play with eux.Im 13 and this is what I do, I have not even paid for it. I love animals (:

  • give it its own special room in the house (a room empty or a section of the garage) with toys to entertain herself and in newspapers, towels, and peepads, but nothing else for her to destroy them with problems pot and start your diet, then take him immediately after that, and if it does not go, take an hour, and then grant them after she goes outside and not inside the house, it can sound silly, but it is effective 🙂

  • I just got a Doberman puppy, the other week and I’ve trained to automatically switch to the back door when she needs to do his business, and I did not crate training, if your dog is peeing the house somewhere, staright away to fetch him and take him to the front door and do it until she finally realizes this is where it should go, and when she finally does make a pee his eulogy at the door with treats many n stuff n then when she goes to the door to open a pee n must go outside, it took me about a week just to get my puppy to go to the door and now she is scratching at him go outside

  • If you stick to your cash method and to the outside, pot and reward it generally takes two months to potty train a puppy. And that’s if you do it strictly by the book. To leave a blade pee and taking her when she needs to go. it is normal for dogs to be alone in a park, as long as it has plenty of room. Add some toys and make sure it has fresh water (you can add a few ice cubes before leaving for work) and it is fine to be alone.

  • My mother got a puppy Aussie a few years ago. It was horrible to potty train. I was home schooled at the time, we could stay home with her. But the weekend we spent a lot of time away. We got her a crate. She saw it as a “den” and would not pee in it because that’s where she slept. We used it as both a punishment and an anti-stress area. when she got in trouble we told him to go to his cage and when she was afraid she would go there. We have a new puppy and now he uses the cash to Aussie. She still goes to the place where the body is when she is in trouble. Do not use the crate as punishment. There should be a comfort zone. Small dogs can be difficult to potty train and they hate being alone. I would recommend a doggy day care or a petsitter.

  • The keys to good housetraining include: * Using a crate to prevent accidents and make it more likely that your puppy will eliminate when you take her outside, and * Reward your puppy when she did the right thing at the right place . Punishing your puppy for housetraining mistakes can actually do more difficile.Vérifiez these links for more information.

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