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Kikos Kitchen Nightmares – Training your dog to get over their fears clicker training

This video is a way on how your dogs emotional response to something what they are afraid of. The example in the video is my dog ​​Kiko who suddenly afraid of crossing the kitchen floor. Common problems with dogs can be-shiny floors, stairs, manhole covers, grates, metal, wet grass, a crate they had a bad experience .. the list goes on. The same technique can be applied in all situations. Dog training clicker training how to make a dog a new emotional response are relaxed and happy are fearful and worried obedience puppy training clicker training the fearful shy dog ​​training Video Rating: 4/5

This is a quick way to video I made for a youtube user who said they had problems with the rid of the temptation. I hope to make a more in depth video on this subject. And how to lose Ween of treats too. But for now here is my dog ​​training tip of the day. I immediately the video after having the idea to make it, so I used my own dogs, it would have been to have used a puppy. I encourage other dog trainers out there for how to make videos on how to lure fade when training with food, because it is information that is very important to workout enthusiasts stop getting stuck on the road Quick tips when using a lure: 1 Get rid of the temptation as fast as you can! The goal is within 3 studies. 2 If you do not have a clicker use a very short word like “yes!” or “yep!” 3 Always make it harder and harder, not keep stabbing at the same level of criteria 4 get if you go to far to quickly you can always step back 5 If your dog is not following the lure, get a smellier lure- real meat! ———————— Dog training clicker training with food how to train a dog how a puppy how to get rid of a lure how to train stop with food in hand how to get rid of the food in hand to train a dog dog how to get the attention off of the treatment and on working to strengthen how you deal to train how to use food to training cool tricks How to run a dog how to spin in a circle how to get a dog to twirl learn learn learn Video Rating: 4/5

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  • I know this is really old, but I do not know if your question is answered or niet.Emily taught her how dogs “Settle”, even if they work with another dog. As the owner of two dogs, dogs know when the click (or “Yes”) for them. They are very smart!

  • Any dog ​​can slide while running on a slippery floor, they just need to know how quiet walk on them. This really is not anything to do with her legs. She just slipped while running and was frightened, now she knows to be calm and confident walking on slippery floors.

  • This was to teach her how to quietly walk on the floor without slipping.

  • I love your videos! new subscriber! thanks

  • I must say that I do not understand the clicker, it must have been part of the training of this dog all the time. Also, I do not think it would be so bad to put down a rubber carpet strip back through the kitchen for the poor, disabled dog, so it does not slip and slide. You said it was a miracle could even walk, let alone on a smooth floor. HELLO!

  • Kiko looks like a chihuahua and italian greyhound mix

  • i need help, my dog ​​hates baths, and water at all .. how can I take her to find water?

  • sad

  • A big THANK YOU for this video! My dog ​​is very afraid of slippery floors as well and I really tried everything to make him relax. It’s not exactly easy, but I will certanly try this method to his trust on the slippery floor building.

  • Clicker training works on everything from dogs to elephants to hermit crabs to fish, even cats. 🙂

  • I just got a new lifeboat Red Heeler and she is very afraid of the bathroom. We use your technique and they can come now completely and puts her nose on the side of the bath. Hopefully in the next few weeks or so we prayed her that she urgently needs 🙂

  • How would you have a small dog to get over the fear of large objects in general? I have 2 small dogs, and they are afraid of everything that is great, even a balloon.

  • Just start using youtube and your videos that I regularly follow. Bedankt.PetTrainingProgram

  • way to go Kiko 5 stars 4 put a brave girl

  • You can clicker train cats.

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  • Great video.I meet you at Liberty Stand and You gave us a clicker 2 help my dog ​​the attention in the park … it works at home all the time, but not at the park. Here is my dilemma. My dog ​​is afraid of vacuum clnrs, plastic bags (the sound they make when they stepped on or balled) and sudden movements. He loves walking, people and other dogs. He is not motivated by food or praise and does not like affection. We do not know where to start with him. He is 2 1/2 pit rescue, akita, pointer.Had him two years.

  • Do all chihuhua have no joints in their ankles?

  • I know this sounds stupid, but can work on cats?

  • I love your videos! You make it look so easy! I have not found a treat that my Bichon feels tempting enough to work for! They just can not be bought for food or attention.

  • Yes, give Splash a treat after you have helped Kiko overcome her fear of crossing the kitchen floor? Because she was lying there so quiet.

  • What happens if neither dog is at the point where you can get a firm to settle? :/ Recommend you separate the dogs for traning at first and then bring them together at a later date?

  • What happens if neither dog is at the point where you can get a firm to settle? :/ Recommend you separate the dogs for traning at first and then bring them together at a later date?

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  • Once the behavior is solid, I find it useful to treat than any other time. Then every time one of three more. Or if the dog is really smart, do not fade on a countable pattern that the dog can get wise. Also give random jackpots (various delicacies at one time). And try to change what treats they receive. They must be kept guessing, so they are not dependent on getting a treat every time. Also state secondary reinforcers.

  • I love the conditioning of a secondary reinforcer. Like a pet, applause, laughter, looking away (for fearful dogs), etc. A little something extra besides the marker.Ik find it so ironic that people bribery by creating mess on blurring food or use of the property, ending with a dog that can only be performed for the bribe, and then they blame the whole system and their dog, instead of placing the blame where it really lies: with itself.

  • Hey kikopup! Vide a useful indeed! But in the description, you said that show you how to reduce treats. I understand how blurring the temptation will be, but you did not show splash do the trick without getting a treat after the trick was done. How could you do this? I want my GSD come, sit, stop, leave it, stay, ect. without always my treat bag on me. It would be a great help if you direct me a vid or explain how to doen.Dank you, Celiatheshep

  • you have a video of how to teach your dog to bark and if you do not, you can make one? : D

  • extremely useful =) great work!

  • Awsome video Emily, but here’s a “Quick Tip”. at the end of the video (if you show the trick) provide a link to where you were training him from. so we do not have to look 🙂

  • Thank you for this Emily! Teaching this Tonks at this time.

  • 2:07 “Where did it fall treat?” 🙂

  • this girl is amazing

  • You are amazing! I tried this today with my miniature poodle and she learned to run like that! It’s great that you on youtube. Keep the vids comin ‘.

  • We just got a new puppy and your videos are so helpful! You are really effective and clear. Thanks a lot. 🙂

  • Thank you sooo much for this vid!

  • Oops! You have already done: P

  • Tell us how we add verbal commands.

  • I feel obliged to tell you that you are the best workout videos and approach I have not seen. Let them come … I live on the east coast and have weekly classes clicker training with my young dog and your vidoes help us to faster progress … and we are having so much fun doing it! Positive clicker training is the way to go! I subscribed. bc4meps

  • wow my dog ​​do that if I dont have a treat, they did not listen to me im going to try that

  • Not once in all your videos I’ve seen so far, I take care of the dog, you, your methods, nor embarrassed by any mistakes you might have made. (I have not seen anyway.) Each video speaks to my heart and what can make me cry they are so sweet, caring, patience. For example, the video where you mention is not a dog name used as a correction. I loved that idea. Besides that you cute and fun to watch, your methods and knowledge of dogs outside inspiring. I teach you about this. Thanks

  • Thank you for sharing – you have some good uploads

  • Great video!

  • than likely the dog is training you 😉 If he does not get, start small and putting his hand to follow with or without food for a few inches before releasing the treat, then increase the distance. Or go straight to goal workout that is actually a lot easier than any food lure.

  • My dog ​​follows not eat no matter wathij just tries to guess what im trying to tell him to lend doing other tricks he knows and he starts bending or waving his hand and jumping until he gets it right: l

  • What if the dog does not get the behavior after three tests, you should go ahead and fade out the treatment?

  • Glad I saw this yesterday! I’d trained Noodle getting into the bag yesterday and I started with lures, and now I know that I used way too much (still worked though – we went to the vet for his jabs, and when we were done he got straight back into his pocket – no lure). Today I was training him to go in the trailer and I did it with only two lures – the rest is shaping!

  • What do you do when your dog decides when you try to lure them into a spin?

  • So wait … I do not understand. How fast you teach your dog a trick? Only one training if they lead to the acquisition of the trick to complete? , Most people gradually tricks like this, doing several steps at a time and on different days?

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