Training Collar Guide: Pick the training collar that best suits your pet

Labrador Retriever dog training

Video Rating: 4/5

Video Rating: 4/5

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  • (Added comment 🙂 “Such” is pronounced “zoo-kh”

  • Fuss in German can be cured …. Pfote in German leg

  • @ Dragon3600000 In German that means “Foot rough here.”

  • Fuss Roh Dah!!

  • Pronounced “zits”, someone has probably already beat me to it

  • R2D2 said: “platz”

  • @ MrSpemat That’s jargon for going outside

  • @ 2KARGARAGEGeen conjugation of the verb bowls (to come) has an m at the end (a miss type im sure) Neither would a German formal bekommen Sie use with a dog, Pass auf significance until on or pay attention much more frequently used with dog training. Also, they use empty or being a verb to explain angriff show that the use of words with prefixes such as divisible angriff rarely used as imperatives. This video shows dog training and uses what German dog trainers use 😉

  • Thank you for this video! You have a wonderful job with training your Doberman. Way to go. Caution.

  • “This” is the search

  • All my dogs are trained in German, and I like a bloodhound, so of course she is also learning German. Is there a command to “search” or “Find” or something? I want to smell her train, and I have the command word.

  • Thank you for the placing of the verbal commands in audio. People who do not have the commands must find it difficult to accurately pronounce these commands.

  • Hence my advice about having a good mentor and coach.Duits bred boxers and some from the United Kingdom is still very good for protection, but the average American bred Boxer is a lot harder to take …

  • It’s never too late for the right dog. ur dog 2 have the right nerves for protection work. Boxers usually do not excel in the protection ring, they are not familiar four strong nerves, and prey drive work at all. Training a dog with no / weak nerves is an episode for disaster. You may be a fear biter if your dog to work in defensive driving if he had not nerves for the protection of training! be careful what advice you hand to a beginner looking for PP training.

  • Actually if you train Dane sports, you can find given these commands are actually used, but many Americans replaced by “Packen” for the bite command generally not German-speaking people.

  • Das stimmt! I did not compile the video and the funny thing is it was all those years without being noticed I’m a little embarrassed …

  • What I did was I gave a ball at my side and said foos and when he was at my side, he got his ball or if he / she does not have a high ball drive I would use food

  • I would do, both for the first month or even more, so he can understand the hand signals then slowly decreasing and do voice commands and i dont train with treats when they have a high ball drive, so staying fit and they just always excpect food

  • Hey I have an 8 week old German shepherd would you recommend the use of hand signals or is it better to just do with your voice commands?

  • Never too late, but you have to start with a great mentor and coach who has already experienced.

  • I have two boxers who just became one year old, men and women whom I wish the German command for the attack Aler, biting and mainly for protection, but my questions are 1 to learn) it’s too late to do that and 2) how do I start to train them

  • I first learned English and my dog ​​when he got them with hand signals I picked up the signals when I started to say German words with hand signals and then took the hand signals, so he knows German and English

  • lol I teach my dog ​​english commands like sit and what not, but if I get angry or if they’re not listening to me scream in German. It’s a bit weird, but I can cry Aus! and they will leave some space in them in a hurry. I do not know if you would exactly call that training … fun. anyways how would you say “go inside!” or simply “Come in!” in German?

  • that is probably one of the dumbest questions I’ve ever seen on youtube. you really think a dog knows the following languages? wow

  • Yes, I agree. are all in what they have learned. now iam my dog ​​training English and German. people think that IAM crazy but iam going to teach her so many languages ​​as possible. so far she has no confusion whatsoever about the words

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