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Leaving a puppy home alone with puppy pads ruin potty training?

Question : Leaving a puppy home alone with puppy pads ruin potty training I have aa puppy who is almost 4 months Dachshund miniature and was AWESOME to go outside go to pot. It is a pretty quiet dog so we need to work on its announcement that it has to go potty instead of just sneaking away to sit at the door. But this is not the issue. I work from 6:30-4:30 Monday through Friday and since I had my puppy, my mother was “dog sitting” during the day. However, it will be out of town for about a week and I’m not really sure what to do with my puppy while my mother is gone. I’m afraid to take him to a room with puppy pads because I’m afraid it will undo all the hard work that my puppy and I have done for her “potty trained”. Anyone have any suggestions or advice on whether or not it’s going to spoil? Otherwise I could just put in a cage all day while I’m at work. She does not sleep through the night without going potty in his cage (some nights were up to 10 hours but on average about 6). Anyone have any suggestions for me? Thank you! Best answer: Answer by Love my

Do not use puppy pads, this will be the ruin of potty training. Keep it in the crate while you are away.

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  • Expect a slide in potty training. You must go home on your lunch break to take him and you must fund it when you’re not. If you can find someone else to come and get her out and help them.

  • My wife has been in the industry of pet care for fifteen years. I asked her, and she said: “Do not try the room full of puppy pads. It will only encourage him to pee in the maison.Idéalement, you could take him to work with you and walk regularly, but if not paspossible, then hire a pet sitter or day-board sound in a setting where it can be parcoururégulièrement. She said that the day of embarkation would be better for her than the animal- sitter, as it will allow him to socialize and get her used to stay elsewhere should she ever need to be boarded in the future (it is a guarantee that it will be sick for some time and must remain at the vet or situation like this will happen, and stay half-boarder help acclimate him to be away from you and the house.) Be sure you get her vaccinated for Bordetella (kennel cough) before the send to a half-boarder (most need it anyway). “:-)

  • You have been lucky so far, to have your mom to be there for you and your puppy. Now you have a problem. And yes, she will come back well maybe he will not be permanent. You will go home with a huge mess, and do not think its crating will be better. It goes through the night because it does not turn around, and not to be fed. During the day, even if you cash it if it is not capable of running around (which is cruelty in itself), it is light, and is unlikely to be asleep, or need to sleep. Can you get a sitter for the week of alternative your mom will be there. Could you take her to a crib? Otherwise, I see no alternative but to shut in a room and face the consequences. As I say, you were lucky to have your mom there to do the training so far. Add – in response to those who think you can get away with it crating for 10 hours ….. it will not stop needing to pee and Pooh. It will simply say that it goes and sits in it.

  • The fact that it holds on all night, does not mean it can cope alone all day, you have to go several times during the day, but most of us sleep all night without having to the toilette.Je think you should ask to take some of your vacation and stay home with her.

  • Puppy pads are useless. Start crate training.

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