Training Collar Guide: Pick the training collar that best suits your pet

Looking for an alternative to the traditional Outdoor Fence? Choose PetSafe Wireless Fence

Looking for an alternative to the traditional Outdoor Fence? Choose PetSafe Wireless Fence

The PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System PIF-300 is truly a revolutionary invisible dog fence system, it is simple and easy to set up and can may be adapted to a dog, to be limited to a radius of between 5 and 90 feet. To set it up, but a plug in the transmitter and the dog wears the collar, that’s it! There are no extra steps or complicated instructions or details, this is how simple this wireless dog fence is.

Your pet wears a lightweight receiver collar which “listens “to the signal. While the collar is receiving the signal, your dog is free to run and play in your garden. When he reached the boundary of the signal field approaches, he receives a warning signal. If your dog does not return, he receives a static correction which is startling but not harmful. With a little simple training, your dog will quickly learn his boundaries.

Training your pet is an important element with the PetSafe Wireless Invisible Fence. Follow the simple instructions and training manual that is included.

The invisible fence system comes with 75 flags that can be called as training tools for the dog. If it is closer to the edge of the boundary, the collar will give a warning alarm, if it continues, it will be a safe static correction until he returns to get to the safe area.

The Wireless Containment System, keep your pets over 8 pounds safely contained in the area of ​​your choice. Connect the transmitter and it will emit a constant radio signal from an adjustable range to 90 feet in all directions. Typically, a full set-up less than an hour and no installation takes his wire buried or commitment required.

order to begin training with the PIF 300, determine the safe temporary cap with boundary flags as a visual aid to the pet.

Activate the receiver collar and adjust accordingly to adjust the neck so that the contacts touch. The system must be used with dogs six months or older, and set-up and training manuals are included.

When the pet strays into the warning zone, the receiver will give a collar warning signal. If they continue along the warning zone, is a safe, static correction delivered through the contact until they return to the safe pet area.

This unit is compatible with all 110V outlets and should not be used with 220v international tension.

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