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Maltese Puppy! I need help potty training?

Question by BAM ! Maltese Puppy! I need help potty training!? I’m a Maltese in May! I have some questions on training. Please tell me if my plan sounds bien.Je’ll keep my puppy pen a breeze (do not worry all the kids are over 13!). I put the box and a puppy pad in the pen. It will be fed into the pen. When she whines at night and needs to pee ill let her out of the box and put it on the pavement. When potty training “clicks” I will give him more freedom of the pen. In six months, I want her to be able to spend 7 hours in the pen with a pad and a plush Kong.Des comments? I can not leave it outside at night, because we have raccoons and opossums that Takeva night. During the day, I will not be at home. I have the summer and I will have three months off to his train. Will this work? Best answer:

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his tie to the toilet seat.

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  • First train cases, no pen to play. the box should be just large enough for puppy to turn and lay down. if she has an accident messes and put it in the cage with her for a minute or two, then take the puppy outside and disorder together. she will understand where I what must happen. Postscript small dog, small bladder, it may not be able to be alone for 7 hours without accident, and if THT is your only option, then maybe you need to reconsider geting a dog. Cats are more independent.

  • There are other ways to potty training than keep them in a cage when you’re not at home, also at night when they are not allowed outside. My question is have you taken the time to really think through animal has? You seem very busy and I do not want a puppy to be lost in the shuffle.

  • There are some dog training really good there, you can use. Well, be careful – there are also terrible not worth the money. Here is one of the good! this helps

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