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Maltese Puppy Training

Show training Maltese puppies. Lead and stack work.

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  • If you want to stop him/her jumping, every time he/she jumps on you, turn your back to him/her. This will essentially be saying to the dog: If you jump you get no attention. As puppies are generally attention-motivated, so giving him/her no attention with a bad habit, (and of course praise with a good one) will be one of the best teachers to a young puppy. Hope this helps and good luck.

  • gud work

  • my pup keeps jumping up on me when i walk him! and in the house too! how do i make him sit????

  • i recently bought a older maltese and the dog went through lots of anxieties and was very bossy towards me. one of the main things you have to do is become the pack leader. I found this out through a guide I recieved. easydogobediencetraining. com. if you have any question send a message and i can help you out personaly to.

  • danks fure da help!

  • You aren’t supposed to have ANYTHING around a Maltese’s neck. But this was very helpful.

  • i dont like the pulling of the neck but it “SEEMS” cool.

  • i have a maltese named Piper 🙂 shes so smart

  • It just like ur daughter marry someone and get away from u. as if ur daughter stay with u for her whole life.

  • anyone who pays over a thousand to get a dog is really stupid. owning an animal is soo wrong taking babies away from mom is so cruel.. how would u like it if u were sold as a baby?


  • beautiful puppy. he trots like a superstar. thanks for sharing!

  • too freakin adorable, if it were me I wouldn’t be able to refrain myself from smothering that puppy to bits in pieces o_o

  • soooooo cute! and smart! 🙂

  • start when you get it. Sit, stay and lay down are easy ones.


  • when it the best time to train a dog, how old should the dog be?

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