Training Collar Guide: Pick the training collar that best suits your pet

Man vs dog: 0-1, with anti-bark collar / Doritos

Video Rating: 4/5

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  • @ PurePhinaticTricker I dont give a fu ** about what you think of my spelling, it `s because I ain` t no American. And there `s to dogs teritorry other ways than the use of a collar to be limiting. There just a few brains that Americans don `t have πŸ™‚

  • @ Kristapsxp I do not ‘want’ my god give bark collar, it’s stupid because the neighbors complain about him. The fur around the dog protects him from being hurt, I also got the weakest collar as possible. The police told me that he gets a collar if he is put down. Thanks for your concern and your wonderful use of the spelling. Your close minded beliefs me sick. Hes been my companion for almost 10 years now and I do not want to see him get killed.

  • 5 disliker know what `s` is the sh * t and wouldn `t never stated that the sh * t to the dog, thumbs up if you Agre and what not

  • @ PurePhinaticTricker Idiot, why the fck tormenting the dog, put that shit in your neck and to attract, then you `I feel the dog is feeling, if you do not want the dog to bark, then don` t buy .. . Dalbajobs stulbais

  • @ Mufaso1000 U.S. law * Australia you may, unless the parents choose otherwise. I also do not “lust” for her. If you are smart you would just go to india and marry a 14-year-old girl. Then you would not your time to spend wasting your life away perving on children.

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  • @ Mufaso1000 Teachnically I’m 17 so I’m a little so I can not really be a pedophile at my age. Also, I spend my time dancing and gymnastics so yeahh? ALSO I actually was looking for a collar for my dog ​​and happened to come across this video, so yeahhh, sorry man: P Also, I do not think I ‘harassed’ pedos, I just stated the obvious. πŸ˜‰ Although harass those sick people is a good thing because it reminds them that what they do is not accepted in society.

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  • @ Mufaso1000 (pedophilia)

  • @ So PurePhinaticTricker?

  • shes my best friend haha!

  • the house is a mess, the bitch to clean instead of making vids

  • It should be mandatory for all children under 18 to unremovable collars, which is activated when they are too noisy to wear. ;-)} [O [

  • hahaha i go to school with her

  • Poor girl, I thought her eyes would start rolling in the back of her head.

  • @ PurePhinaticTrickerte funny lol

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  • not put on the dog

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  • why does everyone say fake. yall r stupid as hell

  • hilarious … and quite real! o.o Love the face

  • hilarious … and totally real!

  • @ Milesco are totally real I know her

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  • omg i love the look on her face, o.o, lol

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