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Mark Kaye is The Endorser – Pet Safe Electric Bark Collar

Mark Kaye is The Endorser. In this video he endorsemenet demonstrative tees the PetSafe electric collar for dogs.

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  • I usually dont click and watch videos i dont like or are not interested. But because the product you are advertising is inhumane, I posted a thumbs down. sorry man.Ik hope that whoever invented this devil thing has to stop producing them. If the shocks and your dogs scared, it’s not a pet Safe Electric Shock Collar.

  • You better citronella. electric shock collar is inhumane. If you love your dog, you will choose one and I hope you do not because this post was a year ago

  • LOL people are trying to sleep … shut the hell up

  • I tried on my yorkie today and I cryed – she whined I was so scared!

  • lol the dog was shocked that’s why he left

  • not banned in europe ya clown

  • not banned in europe ya clown

  • I think it is good for short term use. Our dog barks only when it’s time for dinner or when we come home from work. We want the dog that it is not good to do tell. It can not bark and demanding food. Once he has learned, we can see the necklace again. We go for the citronella collar, not the shock collar.

  • I think bark collars should not be used, not only shock that only one of them, becuz say that your house is robbed but you can not hear anything, only the dog, he’s not barking …….. .. .

  • That’s horrible, shock collars hurt dogs. -___-

  • i the average tthink

  • Why do not you put this collar itself.

  • lol stupid man, SMART dog.

  • lol, crackup!

  • Ha, that cracked me … seemed the wrath of God down.

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