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My 5-month old beagle won’t stop peeing in the house?

Question by : My 5-month old beagle won’t stop peeing in the house?

We’ve been working on “bell training” – so he knows that if he rings the bell, we will go outside. So we will go outside, he will do his business, and five or ten minutes after we get back inside he will be peeing in the house. This evening I took him for a 20-minute walk, he did all of his business and within ten minutes of being back inside he was peeing again without warning.

Everything I’ve read says that a 5-month old puppy should be able to “hold it” for about 6 hours. He does great in his crate (we got him from a previous owner who IMO was not working too hard at housebreaking, but did have him crate trained) and will go the whole night without an accident, and for several hours during the day if I have to leave.

I am currently not working but trying to job search so I am home with him during the day. When I am home he is in the living/dining room with me, and we go for a long (45-60 minutes) walk or to the dog park every day. But still he will pee in the house without warning.

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Answer by ladystang
keep on leash and watch, take out

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  • You should get him some puppy pads that way if he does pee inside he will have a specific spot to pee on, gradually try to move them outside so that he knows to pee outside and not inside the house.

  • Beagles are hard to potty train, give him time and be patience and constant, it will take longer but he´ll get there. Every time you see him sniffing around take him out to pee, even it if means you going out every 15 minutes, and keep him on a leash inside the house, that way he´ll always be with you and you won´t find any surprise accidents.

  • Did you know that you can train dog to go to the toilet on command. Alot of dogs may hear the words that are associate with what you want them to do. For instance, when your dog is outside relieving himself, you say {good boy} he will then association this with potty training.

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