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My boyfriend wants a Pit Bull …..?

Pdub Question ? My boyfriend wants a Pit Bull ….. Well, my boyfriend and I made the long distance thing for almost a year since we graduated college. He will begin law school in my town in the fall and plans on moving here in June His dream since he was a little boy has always been to own a pitbull.Et no, it is not for machismo or the safety or what not. He always loved the breed, doing research for years, and has all these training plans for this, including the school of puppy training, agility training, etc.He really hate that people race / train these dogs for the wrong reasons, and we are very aware of both stereotypes race.Les problems are: 1. It will be law school. Not much time for a puppy, especially that of socialization additional exigeant.2. I have a miniature dachshund and I read that you should not leave a pit bull alone with a small dog (and no I do not believe everything I read) but I will never forgive myself if something happened to it! 3. This is a man I see myself getting married. We will probably be one day live together. My mother HATES pit bulls. she is not educated about them, but is very stubborn in his contempt for the breed. My neighbors little dog was killed in his own fenced yard by a pit bull and judge the whole race now. How do I get him to accept my boyfriend new puppy pit bull within the family and a dog safely? So basically I’m looking for some tips, suggestions, or reassurance, even JUSR that Pit Bulls are great dogs. I have always defended the race, but after my neighbors dog was attacked by a “beautiful, home-educated and well trained” Pit Bull, I have my doubts, I can not défavorablement.Merci to all who took the time to read this or answer réponse.Meilleure : Answer

by Kip
I think the problem 1) One is your largest problem, How is it supposed to spend all this time for the dog when he is in law school? Looks like you both need to wait. If he waited two years, it can wait longer .

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  • I encourage your boyfriend to save an old Pit Bull-one that tests well with your dog, one that will require less exercise (though be aware, this is generally a very energetic breed). Ignore what your mother says she will not live with the dog and it is not his business. Wait and see if she can go beyond the prejudices and give the dog a chance.Idéalement, all dogs must be separated when you are away from home, and this is particularly important for pit bulls. Many are trustworthy, but not one hundred percent to. However, if you are careful and do your research, you should not be a problem.

  • Most major pitties are big babies ….. You do not get a puppy, a rescue pit would be able to help you find the right dog for your family, even one that has been proven to be good with small dogs. Everything … big dog can go after small dogs, not just a pit. An adult or young adult is just as easy to train as a puppy, and you do not have to go through all the puppy chewing and potty training …. I met lots of wonderful pit rescue in my time.

  • well my cousin has a pitbull and he is the most affectionate dog iv ever vu.vous just have to train to train droite.le to live and be around your chien.ou you want the sé’m sure your mother is going to warm up to the height when you get it. they are thing is you just have to train him right.

  • The pits are incredible family dogs that have been known to watch children carefully and lovingly. In England they call them “nanny” dog, if that gives you any indication of how good they are with children. As for small dogs, if raised with them, like any other dog, they should be well with them. My sky was very friendly with people, children, other dogs of all sizes. he was a great chien.Quant to your neighbor, seeing your dog as a puppy will be good for her. It can get to know him as a puppy before it reaches the size that killed his dog. The dog was probably killed his was out of control, treated badly and have no training appropriée.Le problem I see with your arragment is that you will not be home to socialize with this puppy. The pits are in constant need of human contact, walking is essential, as training. If you do not have the time, that does not get one, put it off until you have time for the puppy.

  • 1.He must wait until he has time to highlight the dog, he gets a (after law school) .2. I am sure that if you increase the pit bull with your dog, they will be whole.3. Do not worry about your mom, no offense, but this is not his dog, if you have it and it’s fun, it should rally to love. Good luck!

  • Really have a solution, but what you soitsaviez that there was a study of race and pit bull is the breed less likly to bite a personneil Hopefully it helps in some way

  • Since your neighbor’s dog was set by a pit bull, she will never like race. Did you check the laws in your area to see if they allow you to own a pitbull, many do not, and if they do, you must have special insurance in case the dog was to bite someone. I would never trust a Pit Bull with a small dog either. Moreover, with many reports of pit bull dogs attacking you never know. I would not take the risk.

  • I have owned five pit bulls (I’m 22), And I love them. Mine were all very well with other dogs. If you adopt a pitbull from a shelter the result of this will probably be the best because shelters do not allow people to adopt non-adoptable animals compagnie.Récemment, I adopted my lexy newest addition is pitt bull and my 6 weeks old kitten trys to nurse off her all the time. I have two cats and my pitt bull and they all get along very well. Pitt bulls are scale fences do. Mine has jumped the fence of our repeatedly.

  • ok I just need to insist on pit bulls are great dogs GREAT the only reason why they fight when they are trained to is because they want to please their owners.they want to please their owners sooo bad they are willing to kill for them.and i had a pit bull … biggest dog I’ve ever haddd.she was so great I kept it in my gaoats little baby chickens and my horse.sshe loved, and protected just say pit bulls are great dogsss

  • This is a difficult question. The wait is obviously the best approach, but when you want something that much, it’s hard to wait. What is your schedule like? If you could live together and you can watch the puppy would be good, but that might not fonctionner.Vous can try to hire a dog sitter, or just pay a friend to look after the puppy for those times when neither one of you can. A puppy can be left alone for short periods if you have a crate for the dog. A puppy of 8 weeks should not be alone for longer periods of 1-2 hours depending on how the dog is in need. As it ages, it can be left alone for long périodes.Pour No. 2, I would not be worried about them leaving together. They are very soft and as long as they have been socialized (which is not very difficult), I would not be concerned with leaving them together. And if it’s a problem, you can put one in the kitchen / bathroom / guest room, etcPour No. 3, socialization is very important. Introduce the puppy to many new situations, new people and new dogs. This will make a dog happy and well adjusted to be friendly and sociable. People will be less afraid of a happy, tail-wagging, smiling pit bull, then they would be a shy and nervous.

  • tell him not to think what he wants and also think about the dog, as it will play with the dogs 2 hours a day in the morning and later in the night because the dogs need lots of attention. I have a lab and shes a very good dog. and laboratories are cuddley loving playful and very intelligent, but when they are less than a year thats the hardest time. So I say get a lab if it is truly unique. but if hes Bizy then do not one.and its neighbors have chosen.

  • I think number one would be the main problem and should probably wait until it comes out of the Faculty of Law and can not devote the time necessary for chien.Le number two can not be solved simply by crate training Pit Bull … It is true that Pits should not be left alone with another dog, even if they do get along with her … But again, crate training can easily solve this problem.The number three … You can not force your mother to change her mind. This will either come in time, or not at all .. Pit bulls are great dogs. They love people and want nothing more than to please their owners. They were bred to be friendly people, to be companions, and they are certainly … Most of the pits that I have come across think they are great little dogs too, including mine. They are also very active dogs and need exercise, they are not lazy by any other race moyen.La only thing you can really do is present the dog to your mother and hope that his change of opinion finally … You can also do your research, learn about the breed, and educate them on aussi.La obedience training is more often than not, a must for race. Your friend looks like he will not hesitate to register him / her in the classroom. If he did his research and knows what to expect, what to do and is willing to spend money to get a well bred Pit Bull, then you really have nothing to craindre.Comme I have said … They are wonderful family dogs .. But they need responsible owners who are prepared to put in the time and effort.

  • Well, I think your bf should not get the pitbull AGAIN. Because if hes in law school and other things, he will not have time for the dog, and he could ill-treatment and do not turn the way you want. wait until he graduates, and then we’ll have more time with the dog, so he can train or spend more time to make sure it does not develop a kind of aggression. if you do not spend enough time with a puppy to train him properly, then do not do it cuz it could actually ruin the chien.avec proper care and training, I think your bf can form his pitbull future of being a good dog luckk good ;)! 🙂

  • If you get the pit like a puppy, your dog should not be another problem. The pit will grow with this dog at home and just know that that’s how. Regarding your mother is concerned, I do not know why it’s a question …. you are not dating your mom right? The decision whether to get the puppy or not should not be based on what your mom thinks.

  • Pit bulls are beautiful dogs, but they are not for everyone! The biggest concern is the need for high performance. Mine gets 20 minutes on the treadmill in the morning with a weighted backpack. He then obtained a short walk away, when I get home and a longer walk after dinner … with both the weighted backpack. It has a spring pole in the backyard for the period between the time several tugs and toys for his favorite activity … very tug-war! A big chunk of my day is devoted to ensuring that it becomes enough exercise. Next is training. These dogs are heavy and solid. They must be taught not to jump on people and be careful with the teeth. As with any dog, if he gets too excited about playing there is the possibility of a tooth in contact with skin. This breed has powerful jaws that can hurt someone without even trying. They must be trained that the teeth on the skin is never ok …. not even when they are a little …. not even when they play. My dog ​​is constantly monitored to ensure it is calm and focused and attentive. He must sit before I put his food, he must be ready to release it when in a game of tug-war, they should respond when told to stop … and so on and on. This goes far beyond what any dog ​​training class will do …. And do not forget the socialization! Just see a Pit Bull walking toward them enough to worry some people …. A Pit Bull racing and jumping on them and / or their pet will probably send them into a total panic. It is important to train your puppy to meet people and other pets with grace and control. I got my dog ​​when he was 1 1/2 years and this was by far the hardest bad habit to break. It is worth working if …. Now, when I go home I see a happy dog ​​who sits and waits for his salvation instead of hitting me over in excitement. Please think long and hard before plunging into a life of living with a Pit Bull. The shelters are full of pit bulls that were too uninformed to the owners. They are regularly assessed and are really hard to adopt out. These dogs are not just pets, they are a huge comitment of time and energy. I can not imagine trying to keep my dog’s needs while remaining within the school.

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