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My daughter’s cute story about religion. Do you like it?

Question by Kermit renversant de corporation: My daughter’s cute story about religion. Do you like it?

My eight year old daughter Mirela came into the living room yesterday when me and the little woman were entertaining our Mormon friend Akbar.

She said “Daddy, I understand this whole Jesus thing now. It’s like dog training”.

At first I was offended. But just as I was about to take her doll’s head off as punishment, she expanded her theory and it made perfect sense!

“I see grandpa training dogs all of the time. Some are nice but not too smart. Grandpa scratches them on the ear and shows them the right way to do things. These are atheeests. (She can’t pronounce atheist yet. Cute)”

“Then I see Grandpa with the really mean dogs. He has to show them who is the papa, and who is in control. This is like the muslims. ”

“And we are like Grandpa, giving our love to everybody”.

I’ve never been prouder of my little girl. She is going to make some man very happy someday.

Best answer:

Answer by Scott B
“…from the mouth of babes…”

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  • Sounds like a miniseries of Fox, kind of.

  • And until that glorious day, when she makes a man happy, you can just use little stories about her to put other people down.

    Aww, thats so sweet!

  • So all atheists are stupid and all muslims are evil? This is what you teach your child? You don’t deserve to be a parent.

  • Interesting!

  • If one word were true,I would be thankful She is not going to rip off a dolls head.

  • Not cute at all.

    And your daughter is being brought up by retards.

  • So love=control?

  • Awww, cute little she-fundy…

  • She’s one smart kid. You should be very proud of her!

  • Oh man ….. you are mistaken …… Only Christians like you are animals ….. if you do not believe, check with the Shepard.

    Anyway, jokes aside. Your little girl is going to be wacko someday having these extreme and twisted thought. Try to understand other people’s religion first.

  • Yes you are right Muslims are according to your perceptions
    Mean dogs who bark but do not bite and the christians are
    surely wolves in sheeps clothing,who has grand father George
    Bush as the Dog trainer, and are spreading love to every one in
    Iraq , In afganistan , in palastine, in Bosnia and very soon this
    love will engulf Korea, syria and Iran.The next peace Mascot
    should definitely be the christian Dog.

  • your daughter is of sub-par intelligence and quite the young bigot and you are one of the worst human beings it has ever been my displeasure to encounter on the internet. “I was about to take her doll’s head off as punishment”

  • Nice story… Does anyone else smell brimstone?…

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