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My dd Nintendogs game has no icons. How can we feed and care for the dog? No icon will appear later?

mazngrace2k Question : Nintendogs game My dd has no icons. How can we feed and care for the dog? No icon will appear later? My daughter just received her game for Christmas and “bought” a German Shepherd puppy. She has “trained” the dog several times to learn his name. (It often seems to forget.) But there are no icons on the game for supplies. The guide that comes with the game is terribly vague and the site is no better. The information page says that the dog is thirsty and hungry, but the only thing she can do is call the dog, “whistle”, and pet him. It is increasingly bored and frustrated with it. Is this a technical problem with the game? Is it defective? Or is it the game works and icons appear that you put over “time”? Best answer: Answer

by Nichole ♥ Ryan
You should be able to feed him.

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  • go 2 the store that bought the game and @ u ask if u can have another. my friend has one, and she had no problem with it, and if the site and the brochure says nothing, it’s probably not supposed to work that way 2!

  • It seems faulty or glitched. Access the store and ask for an exchange with the reciept. Be prepared to demonstrate the problem for them.

  • For the purchase of supplies and see the other icons, you must first train the puppy to “sit”. After that, the icons should appear. If not, then you should probably just return the game … (Also, make sure the dog knows its name before you train it to do something. The same thing happened with my golden retriever, as she forgot her name three times!)

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