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My dog ​​growls at me and all the others!?

question !? My dog ​​growls at me and everyone My dog ​​growls at me and always showing its teeth, even when I pet him, he growls at everyone except for my mother too. It is almost 5. I have two other dogs, he is a puppy and is 3. My dog ​​hates the wicked old puppy, but do not care for children from 3 years. How do I get my dog ​​to stop growling me, it is not “train” very well because he is old and fat. My other dogs are not like cela.Mon dog will not go for a walk or play, I realize that it is not old but he acts this way. I try to bond with him, but he still growls. (So ​​we put on a diet so watch your language please) Best answer: Answer by Rayven

~ SCAdian girl
5 is ancient in rare breeds. No dog and not train well because nobody was compatible with this dog basic rules cursed. Want a better dog? Investing in a formateur.Il is also fat because it is fed too much exercise and not a medical problem or that his behavior as shit, nobody has bothered to répondre.ETA: Diets only work in the long term if there is good exercise too. the two go hand in hand.

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  • Get the vet checked to rule out anything medical and teach him all dogs can be trained with the letting out your 5 is not too old and there is no excuse for an overweight dog.

  • Your dog is afraid of people? Or is it just play? Sometimes the dog can be in a bad mood, or they want to show. But if it gets worse, you should probably ask your vet.

  • Do you do it from a puppy mill? It might have a history of scars. He needs to know he can trust people. Try to build that trust. Spend a lot of time taking long walks … etc. .. It could also be that he is nervous or scared. Or protection …. But “growl” does not mean “bad.” Remember that.

  • Firstly, hes not hes five so old hound dog that you would consider 10-12 years old. The reason he growls because it protects your mom, my dog ​​he is, but not my family. this is something they pack protect each other. I would recommend trying to cuddle when your mums not there or try connecting with him, taking him for walks or training with him.

  • Tell your mother to allow you to feed him. Dogs have a pack mentality. The alpha dog (s) are those that feed them. As walking the dog, he learn to heel and obey you. As you gain the trust of the dog, he should stop grumbling against you.

  • My question is why did you allow this behavior for nearly five years? Stop making excuses for the dog “old” (not) and fat and train. You can have your veterinarian test the dog hypothyroidism. Often hypothyroid dogs have temperaments both very poor. This problem can be easily treated with medication.

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