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My dog ​​is UN Housebroken!?

question Cheriee !? My own dog is in the house of UN- HELP ME! I got my Yorkshire Terrier to 7 months. The people who told me she was “crate trained” we tried that did not work. She cried all night. I lived with my cousin at the time, so she had to let her out. After that, it was never fully formed maison.Maintenant, it is 3.5 ans.Enfin in December, for the most part, she had the idea not to go upstairs. We went on the papers liked to go outside, I bought her a box and she loved as her own little chenil.Depuis about a month ago, she does not want to go outside more . It’s not going wee-wee pads or newspapers, and I tried everything. She just wants to go on the floor! When we are not looking for a split second, she will go pee and poop on our wood floor and sink in the kitchen or ground EVERYWHERE that is not on paper. I can not believe she is afraid to go outside! Even today, I told him to leave, the door is open, and contended and pees in his task. In addition, she has had 3 litters of puppies in her life. All I can think is that she is “disturbed” that the most recent litter of puppies have been sold. It is quite nasty! (And do not think I am “humanize” it, because if you know you think so too. It literally goes behind your back) My blood boils and I am on nerfs.J ‘expecting a baby in January and I can not have a baby while my house is sale.S it please help me or should I get rid of it. Okay people. I am not a breeder irresponsible. I am a registered breeder and have always been for 10 years. Just ask my clients. I always make veterinary visits. The vet checked him just 3 weeks ago and she is fine. I get her spayed (if I keep it). It is not that she can not keep her she does not want to go where she knows who is juste.http :/ / response:

Answer by Kat
So it was three times higher? Take her to the vet to check for incontinence. Returning to soiling inside the house, after successfully raised well is usually the sign of a physical problem or émotionnel.ETA: I just thought of something else. Obviously, the formation of this dog pott was a bit inconsistent. She learned to pee on pads and outside. If a dog suppose it is acceptable to go to the bathroom anywhere but outside, then they will not understand the concept of not peeing in the house when you move buffering pee down for them. Personally, I hate pee pad training and did not even do it with my puppies. I had a dog who was a rescue I took in. She was three years old and has never been very high, but she has done well with a training pad. It was a dog leash walked for two hours, doing nothing, go inside the house and squat on the floor. I shudder to think of life at home venait.Vous it must be consistent if you want consistent results from a dog that has no underlying medical problems.

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  • yorkies have small bladders and most owners use the devices inside the pot as “pot patch” it does not do this for you, or even to return to you for nothing. you be angry against her will make her pee more, it is called “submissive urination” and it will not help him in any way or be this would seriously work on your anger. . it will make you ashamed malade.quelle you breed irresponsibly and now are so angry against it. you are the problem, not her and you realize / admit that it will keep your dirty maison.Je is really encourage you to get rid of it. Give a rescue Yorkie.

  • dd

  • This tiny dog ​​is only three and a half years she has had 3 litters! How could you do this to him? Got overbred this dog and she probably has some problems with the control bowel and bladder due to be overbred. Have you ever taken to the vet? Take the poor thing to the vet for a checkup and his book to be castrated and have problems with her internal organs attached at the same time. Stop it as a production plant chiot.Maintenant you want to throw it because she has a health problem. So, you have problems if you kept having to push the babies one after another in succession rapide.Tu’re blood is boiling? It’s not her fault that she has a lack of control of bowel and bladder due to be high, too often, and you call it evil and want to “get rid of” son.Je am sure that she brought you enough money selling her puppies to cover his castration and treatment vétérinaire.A reflection, it would probably be better if you castrate him repatriated but his first so that nobody can reproduce death.

  • 1. Your dog has not been trained properly. If it does not suddenly outside, there is a serious problem. You opened the door and she “saved and peed in his place?” This sounds like a reaction to fear. Whatever happened to your dog is so nervous and anxious? Understand that. Then you should recycle. You must keep your eyes on it, give it time to eat and take everything outside after dinner. You need to go outside with her to be sûr.2. 3 litters in 3.5 years is an absurd amount of pregnancies. This is too much for a dog to handle. For a small Yorkie dog as I think she must have some kind of internal damage. Did you take him to the vet for a exames complete and detailed physical during her pregnancy and after? 3 litters of 3.5 years (and no puppies for her) is very cruel. Where did you learn that it is something allowed to do? Take it to the nearest vet immediately! 3. Your dog is not mean or angry against you. She is nervous, anxious and fearful because of your blood and colère.4. If you are expecting a baby and are overwhelmed by the dog, s’ Please consider transferring the dog to a rescue. (no shelter) As everyone knows, having a baby can be very stressful and physically and émotionnellement.J hope that you find the perfect solution for your dog. S ‘ Please remember that your dog is not being mean. Looks like she really can not do otherwise.

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