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My puppy hasn’t gone to the bathroom. I just got him today, all he does is sleep, eats and drinks water.?

Question by girly girl just wondering: My puppy hasn’t gone to the bathroom. I just got him today, all he does is sleep, eats and drinks water.?

I took him outside, he doesn’t go. He is 12 weeks, and “trained”. Its been 3 hours since he ate, should I be worried?

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Answer by duckie07
Nah, he is just probably tired from the excitement of moving. keep taking him out every 1/2 hour, so he doesn’t have an accident, if he doesn’t go tonight at all, maybe you should call the vet, but i think he will. good luck!

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  • no. just give the poor little guy time to adjust to his new surroundings. it takes time to readjust. just be patient.

  • Don’t worry it will all come in time…lol Congrats on your new baby!

  • he has had a huge day- it may throw his system off- keep a close eye and seek vet care if you are worried

  • Are you feeding him different dog food than the people who you got him from. If they were feeding him a low quality food then you switched him to a better one the dog is pulling all the nutrients out of the food and there will be little waste left. I had a shepard mix that did that she didn’t have a bm for three to four days. My vet told me that she had been on a low quality food for so long her body needed everything that the new food had in it to make up for the low nutrition. If he is passing urine then I wouldn’t be to concerned. Give him some time to settle in and if he still hasn’t gone by Monday I would call the vet to see what is going on. It would be a good idea to make an appointment for a well puppy check up anyways.

  • Don’t be worried. Usually a pup would have gone to the loo by now, but if he is excited about a new home, he may just need time to calm down a bit. That and if he is trained, maybe just take him outside. He may already know not to do it inside. You need to be patient though … even up to 20 minutes outside.

    Also if he has not been trained “correctly” (if he has been shouted at when he has gone in the wrong place) he may not want to do it infront of you. Maybe get a longer leesh (if you don’t have a secure back garden) so he can go further away and feel more comfortable. Remeber to praise him when he does go outside. IF he goes inside, and you catch him, take him STRAIGHT outside. That should help him associate bathroom with outside instead of inside.

    If you feed him in the morning and he still hasn’t gone, maybe take him for a wee check up at the vet …

  • no i wouldnt worry, some dogs can hold it better than others

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