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My puppy is making me crazy!?

Question by pink girlie: My puppy is making me crazy!?

I have a 3 month old shih-tsu, who is so cute, but i CAN”T potty train her.
I have tried limiting her water, and feed only at night, i have tried taking her out every 2 hours, then every hour, then every half hour.
I bought some of that stuff, that you spray in a spot, and it is supposed to tell them where to go.

Every time we take her out, we come in and she “goes” on my rug, or in a corner.
Someone please help me…. PLEASE…. I don’t want to have to get rid of her…. but we are renting, and she is going to ruin the carpet. And she is driving me insaine.
OH I AM treating the accident spots with the special solution to remove the smell, and right now I am trying to “clicker train” its not working either.

I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!

Please serious answers only……
I have potty trained dogs before, it has never been so hard.

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Answer by Tara D
Have you explored crate training? I’m honestly not sure what to suggest except perhaps you can consult a trainer for some advice?

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  • try crate training her

  • crate training definitely works try it
    if all else fails it might be medical talk to a vet

  • I have a dog like that too and what somebody did to it was put her a pamper.

  • at petsmart they sell these puppy mats wer u put next to the door were u let them out and they go there then after awhile u move it outside then eventually she learns to go outside to do her buissness (theres instructions on the package) good luck on trainin ur pup.

  • you may have to correct her with a rolled up news paper just remember it is not the pain of being whipped it is the sound of the paper

  • First do you put the”pee” pads where she usually, goes in your place? If so, praise her, then try to work your way towards the door, using that spray on the pad, eventually getting to the door, then maybe she will figure out that the door is where she needs to go, and start taking the messed on pads outside and set her on it outside to show her that she suppose to go outside….patience is a virtue..good luck.

  • How I potty trained my dog:
    I tried to train him to go outside but that seemed harder, so I trained him to go inside the house in one spot. Everywhere he went pee or poo on the carpet, I would say, “no!” and hit the ground, but never hit your dog, they never learn anything from it. You have to watch where he goes and place him on top of the place you want him to go, when he is sniffing around. If he makes it on the right spot, reward him with a treat and praise him well. =) I tried the spray too. but it doesn’t work at all. I hope I helped a little.

  • look this is what u have to do buy sum traing diapers for dogs the sell them jus ask around and put them where u see ur puppy go all the time in the house just in case and don’t limit the food jus tell her/him bad dog whenever she goes in the house then when she goes outside say good dog and give her a good belly rub

  • my grandma had the same problem. buy some of those puppy pads, and one of those gates you use to keep babies out of certain rooms. put the pads in the corner, and stick the gate there so that your puppy cant get out. leave him there till he has done his buisness. Dont take him out even if he cries. once he’s used it, take him out. do this for about two weeks then remove the gate. if it still doesnt work, put the gate back up. he/she will get the idea. good luck!!!!!!!!!

  • You need to spend a couple of weeks at home, training your dog. Watch her carefully, and when she starts to squat, scold her immediately, pick her up, and put her outside. You’ve got to repeat this EVERY TIME SHE SQUATS! And the scolding needs to be in a harsh tone, or it will do no good.

    After she gets done with her business, put her in a doggie crate or plastic kennel and close the door for 15-20 minutes. This is punishment.

    After a couple of weeks, your problem should be solved.

  • I’m having the same problem with my pup. Here’s what you do. Go to PetCo or wherever you buy pet supplies. Buy these disposable mats for house dogs. They are made of the same stuff used by diapers just thinner and you place them on the floor. Put the mat in a place where you feel it is acceptable for the dog to use it. Don’t ever move the mat to a different location or the dog will get confused. Now when the dog uses it on your rug again, simply grab the dog point its head at its doo-dee softly yet firmly spank it on the butt. And tell it no. Then while you still have it in your hand take it to the place mat and point it’s head at it and firmly say “HERE, RIGHT HERE.” Then go back to its poop and point its head at it, spank, take it back to the mat and say the quote again. It will take a while for the dog to learn but it will know where to go. Of course, when the dog does go on the mat obvioulsy replace it with a new one. πŸ˜‰

  • ok first of all try not feeding her too much and second of all try pushing her to try to learn how to go do her bussiness outside and if that doesnt work then i guess there is no choice than to give her away but if u give her away to someone else make sure they r polite to her and treat her well i know u dont want to give her away but maybe it will be better and maybe u can visit her sometime.or if u dont want to give her away call the dog whisperer so he can train him or get a specialist to help u

  • I have a 9 week old huskey puppy who had the same problem, however, one major question, is your dog crate trained. If not you might want to start. Puppies look for the most abosrbant place to piddle, which in your case is prob your nice carpet. You will however notice that a dog will not sleep or lay in their messes. Crate training is very safe and is good for them if they were ever to say get out and get picked up by the local pound. They will have a less stressful situation if they are accustomed to the crate being a “safe place”. AND they will not go potty there. This will require your dog to pratice holding it, and increase the time between needing to go. Your dog will not enjoy crate training at first, esp. if she has the ability to free roam at will. Try helping by putting her fav. toys and a few chew snacks in, leaving the door open for her to go in and out, then try shutting the door, while you take a shower. There will be some whining, and the barks will start for your attention, just ignore them, and if you can put some coins in a metal can, out of the dogs eyesight shake the can when she barks, they learn quick that bark equals loud noise. When your dog is quiet offer some water and food, aprox 15-30 mins later pick up the dog out of the crate, praise her and take her out on a short leash to where YOU want her to poop/pee. Then allow her to walk in circles and so on in your general area. Calmly tell her to potty or whatever word you want her to use, when she starts to go repeat the word and praise her with love and a treat if you want. Repeat this and you will have a dog that goes where you want her to, and is able to be put in a safe place until her bladder gets large and strong enough to hold it. Notice your dogs behavior in the event of an accident to see if she is giving any signals, that will aid you in helping her. Best of luck to you, I know its frustrating as all heck but with time you will have a great dog. Another option is to put a litter box in your home in the area/corner she likes to piddle and you can also train her to go there, so if she can’t wait or make it outside she will have a better option than your carpet, and oh so wonderfully easy to clean up πŸ™‚

  • Try using a small dog crate. Go to the pet shop and they will tell you what size you need. I always crate train my puppies until they are house trained with great success.

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