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My roommate has a Newfoundland and he walks all the time. Why does it do that?

Question : My roommate has a Newfoundland and he walks all the time. Why does it do that? He does not listen to all orders, even after my roommate was “training” with the dog. I do not think the dog is dumb, can not answer stupide.Meilleure : Answer

by the lover of wells n then the dog
has not been trained properly. if he walks constantly, it sounds like anxiety. get him by a veterinarian, they can give him medication for it.

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  • He probably does, because he is either bored, or exercise. Needs a good mile run either early morning or the night after 20 hours will make merveilles.Il takes some time before they catch on some dogs. The name of the game is perseverance.

  • Dog is not stupid, ITS frustrated! Anxiety means of stimulation, anxiety may be from an accumulation of energy. Take the dog for 30 minutes, 2-3 times a day, and then see how “stupid”, it is!

  • If the dog looks like a permanently, it can be boring and looking for something to do and need mental stimulation as they probly some toys that have treats inside and the dog must find a way to get them out and then he will consintrate and mabe you could also use food to train when the motatvation

  • Newfs are smart enough. They participate in events in karting and water rescue. They certainly need to be able to think for themselves. However, they are not necessarily happy to perform repetitive obedience type exercises. Once he did it right, I reward him by quitting and moving on chose.La stimulation usually means the frustration of a lack of exercise. Take it in walking or cycling in the early morning or a good walk after sunset. They make a good speed of thinking so that a large black hulk of a dog is visible on the walks. Teach him to pull a cart – to walk forward, change direction, back, etc. stimulate her mind as well as its corps.La most of them love swimming, and it is certainly the season for that . Teach him to swim and retrieve a flotation device or sticking his head under water for a nice hot dog. The will to do so is one of the things they test in testing the water Newfie. There are backpacks that doggy in the size Newf he can exercise during walks – your own drinks as well as his own. Or it can be taught good manners to visit shut ins and backpack could carry objects small gifts or flowers. Use your imagination and get this kind of work! It will be much happier and much more likely to crash on the floor beside you in the evenings watching TV or working on your computer. A tired dog is a good dog!

  • Allen, I have not had a problem with my Newfoundland.

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