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Need help with training! “Come” is the largest, but it seems to come only when she wants.?

Question Coconut : Need help with training! “Come” is the largest, but it seems to come only when she wants.? Mostly, it comes when I call. But for example if I go somewhere and I want her to come in the house, she knows I’m leaving and she does not want, so I have to pick her and then she puts on her back so I can ‘t same “pull” her in. She acts as if I kill and I’m SOOO frustrated that he is crazy stressful, which makes training a lot harder to come! Furthermore, since I take most of its places I go, there comes a time when she can not come with me, she will jump in the truck anyway and I can not get her out! I find his manhandling. I watched some videos, and we tried to praise and give an occasional treat when she does get it right, but there is no guarantee that when I say Come She Will. I admire that in both other dogs and do not seem to get it. I got almost a year. It is about three years, adopted from a shelter. All good pointers? It is a medium sized mixing yellow lab. about 50 pounds. So I can not get the answer chercher.Meilleure : Answer by Canis

always bring you a positive experience. Give lots and lots and lots of praise and rewards, when it comes to vous.Leslie McDivett has a much more detailed explanation in his book Control Unleashed. CU Reading will change your outlook on learning forever, and give you the confidence you need to successfully train your dog.

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  • We are having the same problem with our husky. So what we have been randomly tell him to come and we give him a piece of dried meat, or sometimes I cook the chicken and give him a piece and I do all day when I did not really need him to come to me so that it becomes a habit. We go to obedience training and the lady told us it will be difficult to bring to you whenever you need to find a cure or something she likes a lot practice and practice. I know this is probably not what you wanted to hear, because I wish there was an easier way. Good luck

  • practine take him on a retractable leash, and when it comes to you, give him a treat and praise the heck out of it. When you leave the exercise of some, do not expect to come to you, if it is running steam. Use as time permits “teaching” of temps.C is what I do with my dogs anyway, and I’m having some success with it … But, my dog ​​is a Yorkie and she is tiny so I feel for you having to deal with a big ole dog that will not move … lol

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