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New puppy my sister is severe signs of aggression, what should I do?

Question by Dianne S ? my sister’s new puppy is severe signs of aggression, what should I do My sister bought a German shepherd puppy and the dog is now 9 months old and is huge. The dog is very strange and scary / shy at times and then she bares her teeth and growling very aggressively, not fun from time to time. This dog is very unpredictable. My sister’s personality is also very unpredictable. My sister did not have a dog in over 20 years, her other dogs were too aggressive and had attacked two people more than once. Personally, I think it is the creation of this aggression in his dogs and the dogs are a product of their environment. My sister has always trained his dogs by making them afraid of her and she uses a heavy hand when the “training”. The big problem is that my mother is afraid of dogs and the dog growls at my mother a little. My sister wants my mother to make friends with the dog and give mom the dog treats while the dog growls! I think it is fair to reinforce the behavior. I do not know what to do. I think it’s a tragedy waiting to happen and it will be only a matter of time until the dog attacks someone. I’m really afraid to talk to my sister, lest she attack me! She is a very defensive, angry and furious, and we all afraid of her … and now his dog too! I do not know what to do? I do not want my mother is my sister more, that’s for sure! She took the dog in obedience classes and dog just missed the test because she scolded the instructor! They will not go to anymore classes.Meilleure response: Answer by

Call the SPCA in your area if the dog is aggressive or biting. They will help you.

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  • wes giving treats to the dog when he is growling is just strengthening grognedire the dog completely and when it is then quite say goodbye and give him the treat is to ensure that she knows it is not good to bark or growl the gensvous not need to be pacient and be regular on the implementation of the order or it wont get because she is doing sometimes and not others

  • What a bad situation. If the dog does attack, guess who gets blamed, the dog. Even if your sister would have the lion’s share of blâme.Vous Sister sounds like an adult. I’m not sure there’s plenty to do. It depends on the laws of dangerous dogs, animal humane laws in your région.Si your sister missed out of the classroom, I would bet she knows she has a problem, but does not care about the résoudre.Parlez your mother encouraged him to stay away, or ask your sister to meet her (without the dog) at home to your mother. Do not put yourself or your mother in more danger. If you can, can you talk (by phone, perhaps) about maybe re-homing the dog, or encourage him to focus on positive training.

  • You are absolutely right. Animals have a sense that we do not. The dog is given mixed signals, and is afraid and agitated. If your sister wants a dog that will protect it .. that comes from love and respect naturally. and training. But the dog used to do that if she fears for her own life. She is being a bully and abuse the dog .. and abusing you and your mom too. If you and your mother are afraid of your sister you cant expect the dog to be happy. You not only a moral but a legal obligation to obtain this human dog under and away from this environment. I do not know what the previous environment was for the dog .. but it would be much better to human society .. where he would have a chance to learn to trust someone loving and caring. Someone will be little and the dog will be the one to pay for it, even if it was in self defense. Get your sister a pet rock or something. Call animal control and report every day until they pick up the dog. Or if you send me the information I’ll call for you. it’s the right thing to do.

  • There is not much you can do. You sister needs to realize there is a problem and needs to address. This is not the fault of the dogs she has failed a course of obedience to his sisters your fault. I jsut feel sorry for the dog.

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