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No bark collar HUMAN-test

see if my cousin Collar. Visit the amazing adventures of Stinky the Basset Hound to follow.

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  • wowwwwww haha

  • Haha that laugh is hilarious! lol

  • This got my bassets on, crying at the door. Maybe look for a puppy?

  • This is cruel, even at moderate intensity and even if I assume that, before resorting to the collar, you tried to chew treats etc. to crate a nice enough place so he would not like barking. You ensure that the collar keeps activate it on too loose (it should be the highest to sit on the neck), so the contact intermittent and it will not work consistently and as well to train, then you should reward barking come and talk to him! And how could he be called like that!

  • I’m impressed, much better than having the dog to make him silent blow.

  • Obtaining the shock collar sucks, but everyone who owns a basset and neighbors need to understand this. A basset can literally barking 20 hours a day, without any provocation … and they are hard! It is one thing if you can deal with, its another thing to explain to all the neighbors who hate you.

  • In the first place, … that is cruel. Hound dogs are supposed to bark, it’s their nature. My puppy would bark continuously, I gave her a kong and they do not bark at all. You could just give him a toy. Second, what a crazed dog called Stinky? Not enough to punish him with shock collar? Geez …

  • I need to get one of these for my Bassett Hound. He barks when apeshit when I leave … pissing off the neighbors really intense!

  • This is so saad! Why the no-bark collar? : (

  • This is horrible to watch. It’s torture. The poor dog. I would never do this to my Basset. And he loves barking.

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