Training Collar Guide: Pick the training collar that best suits your pet

No-Bark Spray Collar

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This is the first experience of Todd with his new collar!

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  • omg .. I cried watching this video. This is so sad. poor dog, screamed afterr

  • bark collars are evil! my pussy neighbors called the police on my dogs. the neighbors’ children make much noise, but I’m not complaining. I try to be nice. neighborhoods are noisy – children, basket balls constantly hitting the pavemnt, school buses, etc. if you want quiet, move to the neighboring platteland.een lectures me about bark collars. my dogs are rescues, including one with a scar from an embedded collar. I am not a collar ever!

  • If you do not bark, do not buy a fkin dog … idiot!

  • @ Notdog1996 Well three months later, I want the collar works to add. I am not a cruel man, instead of a complete ‘dog lover’. Circumstances change, I moved house and the neighbors will not tolerate my dogs barking (VAT is not a Pomeranian). he was “zapped” once, it was heartbreaking! But he’s smart. Now I let the collar of n dnt even put in the batteries. He knows what will happen … Therefore a success. He does not bark. My dog ​​and I stay together, and best friends.

  • @ Mantra154888Dat is why you think that choosing a dog. If you can not tolerate barking, do not have a little dog who always barks. If you tried the collar, you know how much it hurts. This dog is a Pomeranian who barks and probably a LOT.

  • @ Lilgonzal I see it this way at all. I see a few of the owners who love their dog, and just need him to stop barking. Complaints from neighbors are obviously caused many problems. What? they give up their house? The majority of …. just do the dog! ~ These guys are obviously trying what they can from wanhoop.Ik have similar problems with my boy. I love him more than anything in the world, but he barks … I’ve tried everything. I get complaints every day.

  • wow I really say poor dog only bad owners get the collar I fell so bad for the dog plus dog what you want to get the type of dog are from the family chiwawa so of couse its going to bark like crazy to watch. keep that bad job =) and another thing you laugh at the dog when he gets hurt wow how rude

  • That is the warning.

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