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Norman (Boxer) – Boot Camp Level III. Advanced Dog Training

Norman is a boxer who Neuman K-9 Academy boot camp for dogs completed. This program covered sit, obedience commands remain, down, heel, come when calle …

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  • Is that camp just for boxers?

  • Is that camp just for Boxers?

  • That’s great! Norman is so good.

  • Boxers work hard and play hard. They are identical to our finest men and women in uniform …. only shorter and windy.

  • You people are retarded boxer LIVE to the orders they take .. a working class dog Yes they want to have fun, but their idea of ​​real fun is to take orders and work so to speak ..

  • The dog is not going to be forever in bootcap. In addition, they are trained to do things in certain situations, they hang out by themselves or other dogs. It’s not like they are constantly taking orders.

  • robo dog. sad. great that they can be properly trained. but there is a point where what kind of life is that.

  • This is sooooo not fun. If I Norman, I would commit suicide.

  • This is no life for a dog! It’s disgusting! Dogs should not this fun outside!

  • Train your lab too? Mixes

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