Training Collar Guide: Pick the training collar that best suits your pet

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  • bische everything Selba

  • I dont limit myself to a specific method or myself as a specific form of trainer bc I feel I would itself be limitiing to the type of problems that I could deal with dogs to label. In other words, the limit of what I can help a dog, whether behavioral, obedience, human based dog training, tricks, etc. Hope that makes sense.

  • at the end of the day its about helping the dog, as long as the dogs do not hurt, instead of finding trending methods or socially acceptable methods in the eyes of the public at the time … aka ppl pleasant methods, but not necessarily something that solves the problem. Of course this is related to what I do in the first place (working with dogs with behavioral problems). Teaching dog tricks and getting a dog to accel often has a different route to get there

  • Thanks for the compliment. believe it or not I think part of the problem with “dog training” today bc of ppl getting too emotionally attached to a point where doing whatever it takes to save a dog is not done. Today we fall into one of these methods / style vs. that, instead of learning about each other and why and when a style may be needed to help a dog. continued …

  • As a positive reinforcement trainer, I think it is our responsibility to provide good information to throw and send friendly dog ​​training methods that are much more fun for both the trainer and trainee. You did a great job. Keep up the good work.

  • haha yes he is everywhere. little to feel bad for him. ignorance due to lack of knowledge and not wanting to learn from others outside what he believes. That is the number one problem with dog training and our interaction with them today. wantign us to learn from others

  • @ Chaos Cleaner, it is 100% true that the copycat Millan’s dogs life takes a training regimen that the reactivity increases.

  • “If you go to a real trainer, work on these dogs, the real problem and the dog is taught to self-manage.” And of course you can show us these videos, yes?

  • Wow, there’s a place feeking on youtube that you do not poop in? I do not think so. lolJe makes false claims all the time.

  • the bond you have with your dog is great! He has soo much fun and it’s great to see

  • LOL

  • @ HKBaller27, Blake and Millan have caused the death of many dogs because their approach causes increased reactivity in dogs. This much is proven, claims otherwise is foolish. So are your other assertions. Making false claims regarding the scientific evidence is pretty pathetic, especially coming from you, someone who has no understanding of science.

  • Of course theres ppl who claim they have evidence against his not say that does not exist. 99% of the fake one of ppl who dont work w serious problematic dogs .. even if they r “dog trainers”, they r wrking on helping ppl there dogs from a bank or a simple pull on the leash barking n. Mstly simple cases that any1 reading a book can only obstacle. Ppl come 2 this man or cesar 4 a reason. especially when ur divine trainers couldnt help n recommend euthanasia

  • @ HKBaller27, definitely idiot. Bury your head in his ass. That way you can see all the evidence of his claims to refute if does not exist.

  • lol .. riiiiiight it is a big lie …… hes really a bad person, right? get outta here w that stupid BS

  • yo everybody if youll have a chance can youll please check out my video and me what you think just search “smartest pitbull pup” on youtube to tell .. my pitbull dro is only 14 weeks old .. thank please check it out and leave a comment

  • Blake IS NOT behaviorist .. This title requires education and certification, which Blake is not heeft.Blake from the first frame of the video

  • @ 1NecroSpawn, Millan has not helped dogs. That is the big lie. What he does is the excuse for people to use enough force to physically control the dog. It is the management, which is what he sells. Therefore, you dog “24/7” and according Millan can not show “weakness” If you go to a real trainer, work on these dogs, the real problem and the dog is taught themselves manage.

  • Some dogs have a dominance issue not all dogs. Just as some people are hyper some are very common, some are shy, some have problems or just brought up wrong. I agree not all dogs must be shown that the dominant, but bashing people who believe in Milan will only make him more fun. He has helped tons of dogs saved them from death. Until you that I do not think you should beat him. The only times I saw face to face dominance in a wild dog was my dog ​​and my wolf dog.

  • @ 1NecroSpawn, all the things you mention have nothing to do dominance – ultimate cause Millan’s for just about any problem. Simple stimulus control, will take care of these problems teaching an incompatible behavior to take without resorting to violence.

  • Your not really looking at the problem of the things you arent. For me, only me and my dog’s body slams into the ground or to get out of each room of the house that I will stop allowing him / her to go well first. I do not think the alpha is just a rude habit. I do not look at domination, but I’ve read more than 40 books about dogs and 100 animals because I study at a wildlife biologist to be. I have created 16 dogs from puppies and got about 5 and adults, I also encourage dogs.

  • Rofl that made me laugh so hard: P Seriously though I have read through much of his / her comments on other videos and wonder if AboutDogTraining3 is stable enough to own a dog. I know this person on YouTube for almost half a year and not once did I lashed out at him / her. But here he / she is swearing at people, yelling, judging, threatening, hate and I really hope that someone is not a dog or a pet for that matter to have.

  • @ HKBaller27, dick, it’s hard when you have no evidence to back up your claims. All you bastards can do is resort to personal aanval.Jullie are pathetic stupid.

  • @ HKBaller27, the evidence was not obtained from computer models. The absence of an alpha was obtained from 50 + year field study done by Dr. Mech. It is extremely ignorant and simple madness to keep persistent that those lies you hear on TV are really true.

  • @ HKBaller27, are you blathering nonsense. The facts: no dominance hierarchy, – dog pin – dog on the door and do not care who starts – dogs do not form packs and so on are well established. Those are the facts. The theory is the explanation of those facts. In both cases Millan’s believes in conflict with the scientific consensus. Because you know nothing about the behavior, it is easy to confuse with a group of dogs as a pack.

  • This is a great video! In a simple way the basics of dog psychology explains. Very nice! I use this video on my website meandmydogtips. Thank you for sharing and keep up the good work.

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